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PerfectionistsFrom Sara Shepard, 1 New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Pretty Little Liars Series, Comes A Series That S Perfect For Fans Of One Of Us Is Lying And We Were Liars.Ava, Caitlin, Mackenzie, Julie, And Parker Are All Driven To Be Perfect No Matter The Cost.At First The Girls Think They Have Nothing In Common, Until They Discover That They All Hate The Same Person Handsome Womanizer Nolan Hotchkiss, Who S Done Things To Hurt Each Of Them.They Come Up With The Perfect Plan To Murder Nolan Jokingly, Of Course They D Never Actually Go Through With It But When Nolan Turns Up Dead In The Exact Way They D Discussed, The Girls Suddenly Become Prime Suspects In His Murder.Only, They Didn T Do It.So Who Did Unless They Find The Real Killer, And Soon, Any One Of Them May Be The Next To Die.

Sara Shepard graduated from NYU and has an MFA from Brooklyn College She has lived in New York City, Brooklyn, Tucson, Arizona, Philadelphia, and now lives in Pittsburgh, PA Sara s Pretty Little Liars novels were inspired by her upbringing in Philadelphia s Main Line.

[KINDLE] ❂ Perfectionists ❅ Sara Shepard – Pandorajewelry70off.us
  • Paperback
  • 336 pages
  • Perfectionists
  • Sara Shepard
  • 04 March 2019
  • 9780062354457

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    I want to read this but I m afraid it will drag on for years like the Pretty Little Liars book series did I loved PLL but I think ran it s course a long time ago.

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    3 stars to Sara Shepard s The Perfectionists A few things to say on how I chose this book before I get into a review of it Earlier this year, I found myself with some free time and an interest in watching Pretty Little Liars I had seen several commercials and thought that despite it sounding like it was for a young adult crowd, I would give it a chance I love suspense, intrigue and drama when I read or watch a movie or TV I finished the first season in a week and was hooked who was A and when would we find out Since I m practically a read the last page of a book kinda guy, I immediately searched for spoilers all over the internet which is when I learned it was actually based off of series of books Note, I want to know spoilers of what will happen not the whole ending as I still want to feel suspense I continued my research and finished the whole series within the month Unfortunately, once I see a movie or TV show that is a remake of a book, I find it hard to read the book without alrea...

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    Lo termin el otro d a pero se me olvid actualizarlo shame on me The Perfectionists es un libro que yo ten a muchas ganas de leer, y del cual no esperaba una historia incre ble ni unos personajes muy trabajados Esperaba un misterio decente y unos giros que me dejaran loco Y ha superado mis expectativas.Las cinco protagonistas son maravillosas Llegas a conocer bastante de su vida y entorno en unas pocas p ginas, algo en lo que la autora ha mejorado bastante Me ha gustado c mo las introduc a y c mo manejaba sus tramas y la din mica entre ellas.Sigue siendo Sara Shepard y por lo tanto, hay elementos comunes demasiado obvios, pero s que consigue sorprender con algunas cosas El misterio est bien construido aunque no podr a decir que es una novela de misterio en s , sino una historia contempor nea con un hilo...

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    Review on my blog https thebookgram.wordpress.com 201__________________________________________The Perfectionists by Sara Shepard book 1 in The Perfectionists duology As I expected, I really enjoyed this book, of course it s Sara Shepard, how could I not My thoughts on each of the main characters Parker she was a really interesting and in depth character to read about, who was just so complex I can t wait to find out about her in the next book I predicted what was going to happen in regards to her relationship plot line, but I still enjoyed it nonetheless.Mackenzie I loved Mac, she was so fun to read about She s the musical character, and her story with her so called friend Claire, and her boyfriend was really intriguing, and I m excited to see how that is all handled in the next book.Ava I also loved Ava, I feel like she played the biggest role in relation to the main suspect in this novel, and I love her relationship with Alex Julie she was great, I really enjoyed reading about her secret relating to her home life, and how she was always there for her friends.Caitlin I really loved Caitlin, her relationship plot line was the most interesting to read about out of all the girls, and I m so excited to see where that goes in the next book I m also interested to see how her whole soccer situation plays out.This book was quite short, so there s not a lot to say...

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    I cannot believe that just happened No resolution none When I say none, I really mean not a single nibble The action is rising and just when it gets to the pinnacle boom the acknowledgements I don t whether to be impressed or pissed off I made painstaking me...

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    Die Rezension 29.09.15 um 15h

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    Review also posted at Young Adult Hollywood and listen to my The Perfectionists fanmix on 8tracks.Ava, Caitlin, Mackenzie, Julie, and Parker have one thing in common They all hate the handsome and awful Nolan Hotchkiss, who did some terrible things to each one of them The five senior girls gather together to prank kill him It was all just a faux until the next morning when Nolan dropped dead exactly the way they schemed They know they didn t do it but suddenly they are the prime suspects until they find the real culprit.Sara Shepard who wrote the popular series Pretty Little Liars is also the genius behind The Perfectionists, so maybe by now you finally have an idea or two on how things will play out here The Perfectionists offers the same plot line as Pretty Little Liars but much better in my opinion There s nothing new in this book It s the same mystery teen drama formula all Shepard s books have but it is certainly entertaining.Initially I had a tough time adjusting to everyone s POV There are too many characters I thought this book wouldn t accommodate that but after a few chapters I finally got my head wrapped around it The Perfectionists is diverse not only in race but also in gender It is a feminist driven book Yay for that I admire the fierce friendship between the five girls formed under rough circumstances.I savored this book I thoroughly enjoyed t...

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    Reread You can totally appreciate the threads for the big plot twist at the end of book two in this one Similar themes to Pretty Little Liars, and being honest, very similar characters Each one has a secret, and each one doesn t know who to trust I look forward to of a friendship between the girls in the next book Intriguing and misleading, this is a great teen crime mystery, that keeps you guessing and wondering who the murderer really is I was just annoyed by the PLL parallels, as a lo...

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    full of teenage drama suspense.

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    Trigger warning this book involves murder, the mention of suicide doesn t go into grand detail , pedophelia, domestic abuse, bullying, and drug abuse.Sara Shepard always finds a way to keep me on the edge of my seat while throwing in so many characters, it s insane.This book seemed rather influenced by the PLL tv show in that Mr Granger reminded me SO much of Ezra Fitz Okay, yes, Granger is a Film teacher, but they both love film noir and they both love underaged girls I did like that the main cast of this book is rather diverse compared to Shepard s previous books, which mainly include white protagonists One of the MC s is of Korean heritage and has two moms and a brother who trigger warning committed suicide due to bullying OH yes, the launching point of this book is that all of the MCs have been bullied or know someone who has been bullied by Nolan Hotchkiss Does that first name ring a bell Hmm Much like Shepard s previous series novels, it s a who dun it even though the MCs played a part in Nolan s demise and are the main suspec...

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