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Rivers Bend Thirty Years Following The War Between The States A Handsome Stranger Comes To Mississippi And Marries A Cast Away Beauty In Exchange For A Now Decrepit Antebellum Home The Rambling Mansion, Reputed To Be Haunted, Is Clouded By A Dark History And Rud To Hold The Secret To A Fortune In Missing Yankee Gold Mystery, Suspense, And Romance That Will Keep The Lights On And The Pages Turning Until The Final Mystery Is Solved.

Charlsie Russell is the oldest child of a Mississippi father and an Arkansan mother After graduating from the University of Mississippi in 1972 with a degree in archaeology, she entered the Navy s Officer Candidate School from where she emerged an ensign She retired in 1993 as a full commander in Naval Intelligenge, and returned with her family to her home state of Mississippi After the last of

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    I wanted to read this novel because of the Mississippi setting I saw it on Facebook and couldn t resist The cover really appealed to me that river boat It s been a couple of weeks since I read the book, but I remember it was a rather ingenious situation that led to the romance a marriage of convenience, I guess it could be called, mixed with a...

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    River s Bend is a strong Southern Gothic suspense novel that begins on a gripping note of intrigue and steadily ratchets up the tension throughout the development of the plot and leaves the reader satisfied but depressed that the book had to end.Set in Mississippi around 30 years after the War of Northern Aggression, handsome and wealthy Rafe Stone visits the home of businessman Joseph Collander hoping to buy the majestic River s Bend home Mr Collander has no intention of selling the place he has pressing matters on his hands He has an orphaned niece, Delilah, who has drawn the eye of his daughter s intended and tells Rafe he can have the place for free if he ll marry her.Delilah is a veritable beauty and a spitfire The reader feels nothing but sympathy for her as she has become the Collander family scapegoat through no fault of her own and wrestles throughout the course of the novel with her desire to belong to and be loved by another with the emotionally safer course of going into business for herself A secret family tragedy that taints her name with scandal becomes apparent when Rafe takes her to Natchez to live in River s Bend.It is the looming phantom that is River s Bend which haunts and drives the plot of the book and serves further to heighten the tension between newlyweds Rafe and Delilah River s Bend, which began as a humble cabin nearly two centuries before and grew to a magnificen...

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    an interesting mystery I found myself trying to guess not only who did the main mystery, but also who the main characters were A complex and well written story.

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    Have had this book for a while but just got around to reading it Frankly, I thought it would be just another MS river book of romance but I did enjoy it.

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    Good story.Never a boring moment couldn t turn the pages fast enough Great elements of surprise throughout the book Ended just right More please.

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