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Trust MeOn The Scene Of A Multiple Murder That S Grisly Even For A Veteran Homicide Detective, Brian Clifton Is Stunned When One Of The Victims Bears An Uncanny Resemblance To His Boyfriend, James As The Similarities Keep Piling Up, So Do The Bodies And The Evidence Pointing To James As The Killer Since Long Before The Shooting, James Has Been Dishonest He S Been Evasive Oh, And There S That Minor Detail He Withheld From Brian About Being A Gambling Addicted Drug Dealer James May Not Be The Best Boyfriend In The World, But He Begs Brian To Believe He S No Killer In Fact, Whoever Did Pull The Trigger Undoubtedly Wants To Finish What They Started, And Brian Is The Only One James Trusts To Keep Him Safe But How Much Is Brian Willing To Risk To Protect A Man He May Not Even Know

L.A Witt and her husband have been exiled from Spain and sent to live in Maine because rhymes are fun She now divides her time between writing, assuring people she is aware that Maine is cold, wondering where to put her next tattoo, and trying to reason with a surly Maine coon Rumor has it her arch nemesis, Lauren Gallagher, is also somewhere in the wilds of New England, which is why L.A is al

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    3.5 StarWell, that ending section was a bit unexpected.Honestly I thought the Deus Ex Machina a bit TOO contrived and rather liked the view spoiler angsty, morally ambiguous aspect of Brian trying to shield and protect James thinking he was indeed a drug dealer, but ...

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    Nope Way to kill a series Boyfriend of alcoholic cop is a drug dealer not talking a little weed here either , liar and a manipulator and he can overlook all that as long as he s not a killer, too I mean ok but REALLY You re a fucking cop I guess it s a little bit of Oh thank God, I m not sleeping with a murderer but a high level drug dealer really isn t much better in my opinion So I couldn t bring myself to like either of the MC s At all And the mystery is completely predictable Added to all that, we see that Andrew and Nick from the first book are intertwined into this one and they re having problems coping with what happened in the previous book I hate having my...

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    So, I usually love L.A Witt, and this book wasn t bad by any means, but it was so fundamentally flawed that I couldn t truly enjoy it.Brian is a homicide detective, and when called to a crime scene, discovers that one of the bodies looks just like his boyfriend, James, whom he s planning to dumb because he s been so cagey He then finds out that the dead guy is a drug dealer, and that he has a brother business partner named yes, James Turns out it s the same James.James admits to running a drug ring with his brother Stephen He swears he had nothing to do with the shooting, and tells Brian that the reason he s been so cagey is because he lied about having a gambling addiction.Brian believes James about not being the killer, and about dirty cops being involved, so he agrees to hide James instead of putting him under protective custody.So the entire book, Brian isn t sure whether he should believe James about not being involved in the shooting, and he wonders if he should break up with Brian He can t decide if he can forgive Jam...

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    I actually had this story figured out early on By Max s murder I knew who dunnit and who James was I don t think it was anything in particular that gave it away, something just clicked and it was the only thing that made sense But, of course, the other characters don t know what s going on, really, and the journey between the the events that started it all and the conclusion were well done and often kept me on the edge of my seat And so, of course, I had to wait to see if I was right.Brian is an alcoholic cop Sounds cliche, but truly with the amount of awfulness they see and the stress of the job and wondering if today s the day a bullet with your name on it finds you, I get it I am glad he won t drive if he s had any alcohol Still, it made me sad to see him do that to himself.Jameswell, he isn t what he seems Brian knows there is than meets the eye here because so many things just don t add up James swears he is innocent, though, and Brian wants to believe him.Oh, what to do, what to do.Also, Andrew and Nick make several appearances here And although we don...

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    There were a few things that kept this from being a 5 star read Ironically, the title sums it all up Trust I just couldn t believe that Brian was willing to put so much on the line for a lover that he was about to dump an hour before his partner wound up dead And if I wasn t able to get past that, a lot of the book was spent thinking, Sure, just throw it all away Risk your badge And your friend s badge because HOT, Damn is that guy good in bed And, even Brian says that the great sex shouldn t be enough to base a relationship on Perhaps that issue could have been resolved if Witt had given a clearer picture of their relationship it felt a lot like insta love.Now for the action thriller part of the book it was exciting The clue finding, the chase scenes kept me on the edge of my seat I did see...

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    5 heart racing stars I loved this story It had so much going on and kept you on your toes I am really good at figuring stuff out way before things happen and WOW this one got me I had NO clue I loved Brian and felt for his emotions and what...

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    freebie 3 1 15

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