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The Healer (Gethis: History of a Planet #1) 3rd Edition Removes Spaces Between Lines Of Dialogue And Paragraphs And Corrects Some Typographical Errors She Rained Down From The Sky In A Crashing Pod, A Child With No Memory Found By The Thackeray Family And Named Raine, She Grew Up Knowing Love And Familyand An Insatiable Need To Travel The Stars And Help People Solit II Had Requested The Magic Of Her Hands To Help Them Survive An Unknown Illness What She Finds Is A Horror Of Mammoth Proportions Powerful Men Would Possess Her For The Fun Of Every Charm BUT That Of Her Hands, Marveling At The Things Her Body Could Do Under Their Command And The Depths Of Her Sexuality If Tollen Could Not Have Her Until He Changed The Worldthen The World Must Be Changed Together They Would Redefine The Foundations Of Midan Mastery And Slavery And Reshape An Entire Society Forever And Raine Would At Last Learn The Secrets Of Her Birththe Reason For Being The Healer.

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Healer (Gethis: History of a Planet #1) book, this is one of the most wanted TylerRose. author readers around the world.

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    I read it because I wrote it.It s actually one of my shorter books, and Raine is one of my favorite characters because of her ability to heal I can do much extreme things with her to a point and she will recover.You really need to read to the end or you ll miss the entire point of the character and what she endures, and will not understand her place place in the history and future of Gethis.If you don t finish it, then you won t know what the l...

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    Book contains extreme BDSM, with whippings, canings, brandings, switchings, paddlings Beatings that characters agree would kill a person that had no healing ability Non consensual sexual slavery Humiliation Heroine forced to use chamberpot as toilet and was observed while doing it Group sex, anal sex, same gender sex Beyond this, heroine was a Mary Sue She endured all of the above treatment with no lasting ill effects and dozens of orgasms, when she was not being denied them Very long book Did...

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