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The First Emperor: Caesar Augustus and the Triumph of RomeHe Found Rome Made Of Clay And Left It Made Of Marble As Rome S First Emperor, Augustus Transformed The Unruly Republic Into The Greatest Empire The World Had Ever Seen His Consolidation And Expansion Of Roman Power Two Thousand Years Ago Laid The Foundations, For All Of Western History To Follow Yet, Despite Augustus S Accomplishments, Very Few Biographers Have Concentrated On The Man Himself, Instead Choosing To Chronicle The Age In Which He Lived Here, Anthony Everitt, The Bestselling Author Of Cicero, Gives A Spellbinding And Intimate Account Of His Illustrious Subject Augustus Began His Career As An Inexperienced Teenager Plucked From His Studies To Take Center Stage In The Drama Of Roman Politics, Assisted By Two School Friends, Agrippa And Maecenas Augustus S Rise To Power Began With The Assassination Of His Great Uncle And Adoptive Father, Julius Caesar, And Culminated In The Titanic Duel With Mark Antony And Cleopatra.The World That Made Augustus And That He Himself Later Remade Was Driven By Intrigue, Sex, Ceremony, Violence, Scandal, And Naked Ambition Everitt Has Taken Some Of The Household Names Of History Caesar, Brutus, Cassius, Antony, Cleopatra Whom Few Know The Full Truth About, And Turned Them Into Flesh And Blood Human Beings.At A Time When Many Consider America An Empire, This Stunning Portrait Of The Greatest Emperor Who Ever Lived Makes For Enlightening And Engrossing Reading Everitt Brings To Life The World Of A Giant, Rendered Faithfully And Sympathetically In Human Scale A Study Of Power And Political Genius, Augustusis A Vivid, Compelling Biography Of One Of The Most Important Rulers In History From The Hardcover Edition.

Anthony Everitt is a British academic He studied English literature at the University of Cambridge He publishes regularly in The Guardian and The Financial Times He worked in literature and visual arts He was Secretary General of the Arts Council of Great Britain He is a visiting professor in the performing and visual arts at Nottingham Trent University Everitt is a companion of the Liverpoo

[ Reading ] ➼ The First Emperor: Caesar Augustus and the Triumph of Rome Author Anthony Everitt – Pandorajewelry70off.us
  • Paperback
  • 377 pages
  • The First Emperor: Caesar Augustus and the Triumph of Rome
  • Anthony Everitt
  • English
  • 09 August 2017
  • 9780812970586

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    I have tried over and over again to write a review on this outstanding and spellbinding book but without success Nevertheless what I will state categorically is that Everitt has succeeded magnificently in bringing Augustus alive to the reader The author also achieved a real sense of place as Rome also became aliv...

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    The story of Augustus is woven with betrayal violence His rise to power, his political adversaries, and his unprecedented rule at are all covered in glorious detail while remaining engaging informative Au...

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    Probably the best either this one or Cicero The Life and Times of Rome s Greatest Politician of Everett s Roman biographies and histories A nice introduction and review of Augustus Nothing particularly new in this book, but Everitt has a flair for narrative biography.IF you are new to Anthony Everitt, I d suggest reading in the following order 1 The Rise of Rome 3 stars2 Cicero 4 stars3 Augustus 4 stars4 Hadrian and the Triumph of ...

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    Towards the end of his previous book, Cicero , Everitt describes Cicero taking Julius Caesar s grand nephew, the young Gaius Octavius, under his wing and introducing him to the world of Roman politics In gratitude, the young Gaius winds up forming an alliance with Mark Antony and reluctantly agreeing to have Cicero killed although he forces Antony to murder his uncle in exchange Thus begins the rise to power of Rome s first emperor, later to call himself Augustus.On one hand, Augustus could be reviled as a back stabbing, self obsessed, power hungry man who was ultimately responsible for killing the frail, aged granny that was the Roman Republic with a rabbit punch On the other hand, he was careful to at least preserve the facade of democracy and free speech, he secured the Empire s borders, streamlined bureaucracy and weeded out a number of intolerable fools The Bush family would never have flourished in ancient Rome.As in Cicero , Everitt does a generally impressive job of taking famous historical figures that we may be tangentially aware of Antony Cleopatra, Ovid, Horace, etc and really makes them seem like real people living in a world that is at once recognizable on some levels and horrifically different on others It was interesting reading this at the same time as keeping up to date with the machinations of the executive and legislative branches in the news the Scooter Libby scandal the questions about the extent of executive privilege and also having just seen Oliv...

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    I do not think I ever read a book on Roman history that I did not like and this book has not changed that Augustus is considered Rome s first Emperor due to the fact that he spent over 40 years as Emperor He came to this position by being the nephew and then becoming Julius Caesar s adopted son Caesar trained him, as a youngster, in the rudiments of Rome s military leadership training However, when Caesar was assassinated in March 15 of 44 BC Caesar s most important soldier Mark Antony and Augustus led their armies and defeated Caesar s murderer s armies led by Brutus in the Battle of Philippi in 42 BC Following Brutus s defeat Antony, Augustus and Lepidus divided the vast Roman Empire in 3 sections Antony cleverly took the East including Egypt for that was the wealthiest region Augustus took Rome which was in rebellion Lepidus was given Trans Alpine Gaul.Antony was a poor administer reveling in the wealth of Egypt and falling for Egypt s seductive Queen Cleopatra Augustus needed grain from Egypt to feed his constituents Antony s slow response in providing the grain angered Augustus In addition Antony s popularity faded in Rome due to his relationship with the non Roman Egyptian Queen Augustus sensing a time to unify Rome und...

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    Very well done Told as narratively as possible, almost in novel form at some points Very engaging, makes you feel like you know these people If you liked the HBO series, you ll like this book It was a very easy read each time I picked it up, which is saying something as I read it during a very stressful time during which I didn t have a lot of time to spare But I always enjoyed diving into it You d think that I d need something a bit relaxing But not with the way this was written.I don t have to expound upon why Augustus was worth reading about Augustus was awesome The man had his faults, but he was brilliant, thoughtful, a capable administrator and the founder of the ...

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    The First Roman Emperor, although many did not see him as such A calculating figure, who brought forth a massive empire which left its mark on all of Europe.

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    Approachable biography of one of the most important figures in western history The book, being relatively short, is dense but very informative Beside Augustus itself, Everitt brings to life many historical figures that had an influence on the emperor both past and contemporary and are essential to understand the political situation at the time This approach contributes to a true 360 degrees view of the main character.It is important to stress that this is a non fiction book, heavy on the details of political manoeuvres and the geography and strategies of military campaigns, sometimes down to a blow by blow account of battles first half of the book , and is not equally detailed on the aspects of Augustus personal life Chapter 20 contains a vivid and engaging account of a day in Augustus and Livia s times, however readers looking for a romanticised version of the emperor life, for instance, his infatuation with Livia, the alleged numerous extramarital affairs, the turbulent relationship with his daughter Julia or the private struggle with Mark Antony and Cleopatra may be disappointed.Everitt names and provides excerpts from the primary sources this is done in a casual and unobtrusive manner so to not distract the reader from the narrative flow, while providing evidence to statements and corrobora...

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    Writing a biography about a person that lived 2,000 years ago is a risky endeavor for anyone who strives for historical accuracy Even when the person is Augustus Caesar, the known facts predominantly consist of isolated events of macro importance or fragments of writing that have lost much of their context As is the case with Augustus The Life of Rome s First Emperor, extensive speculation is required to bring a semblance of life to the factual islands that dot the historical timeline.The underlying ambiguity begs the need for the reader keep at hand a small pinch of salt to be taken one grain at a time as they proceed through the book To Everitt s credit, he s dedicated his career to writing on ancient people and civilizations including a biography on one of Augustus contemporaries, Cicero He has also written books on the rise of Rome and on the life of one other Roman emperor, Hadrain From this perspective, it s probable that Everitt s speculations are as good as they get But nonetheless, too many facts will never be known.The impression of Augustus that Everitt imparts is one of measured control Augustus is presented as the emperor that had the loyalty of the entire Roman army at his command, but recognized the need to rule through subtle means He had the wisdom to be inclusive of his opponents in the formulation of ideas And he often took extended periods of time to achieve his goal...

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    A solid biography of the founding father of the Roman Principate Indulges in a fair amount of speculation, but I suppose that s what separates scholarly history from popular history, and the author gives you plenty of notice when he s off on a flight of informed fancy Besides, given the paucity of reliable sources for much of Gaius s Octavian s Augustus s life, perhaps ...

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