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De l'amourAlthough Stendhal Considered On Love His Best Creation, Not Many Critics And Readers Will Ever Agree With Him Henry James Called The Book Unreadable Others Have Called It Bizarre And Some Disconcerting And Exasperating Here S A Warning By Means Of A Question What Is The 21st Century Reader To Make Of This Book In My Estimation, With Some Patience One Can Find Not Only An Abundance Of Wit, But Also Much Hidden Wisdom About The Mysterium Tremendum That Is Human Love If Stendhal S On Love Is Considered A Failure, Then All I Can Say Is That He Is In Good Company, For Aristophanes, Plato, Denis De Rougemont, Ortega Y Gasset, Eric Fromm And Others Also Fell Short And No One Can Say They Disgraced Themselves Here S A Gem That Never Fails To Give Hope To Men Who Search For Love A Requirement Of Love Is That A Man S Face, At First Sight, Should Show Both Something To Be Respected And Something To Be Pitied.

Henri Marie Beyle, better known by his pen name Stendhal , was a 19th century French writer Known for his acute analysis of his characters psychology, he is considered one of the earliest and foremost practitioners of realism in his two novels

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    At first I really loved Stendhal s essays on Love His theory is that the pains of love are necessary in order to crystallize the object of one s love, which basically is a process of transcendence from the real to the ideal, a state which is necessary in real, passionate love Further, Stendhal dissects love into a number of classifications which range the gambit from passionate romantic love to egotistic physical love to mannered love, etc It is these meandering discussions of love, what it is and what it isn t, the stages of falling in and out of love, the nuance between love and jealousy, and their co dependance, which make the first half of Love a real pleasure to read However, this collection is very imbalanced The first half is superb, but the second half falls very short of the standard set by its preceding pages Particularly the generalizations about love in different locales grew very tiresome, as many of these descriptions also felt very dated and now irrelevant.These essays, while a joy to read, didn t ring with brilliance the way love in fiction does Love is a sort of strange thing to approach in a methodical essay format, and while I think it works in some short shimmering passages herein, the essays mostly feel coldly scientific And what qualifies anyone to write about love in this way, anyway Certainly I have a lot of thoughts on the subject, which typically make their mischievous ways into my reviews here, for better or worse, but am I a...

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    So it s not a novel that s about, but an essay Love first intrigued me because Stendhal is known for his romanticism in his novels So why not try this one The first chapters are screaming for truth, we are surprised to mumble But yes, but too much Exactly Stendhal has clearly identified the process of love, at least that s what it stands out Throughout this book, he supports his ideas with fragments of diaries, letters, and so on Some things may shock, just remember that this is not the same time Thus, when one sees the style of education given to women and the way Stendhal talks about it, one might think that he supports this form of misogyny It is not so, we learn as and test that Stendhal would be to put on an equal footing men and women with respect to education at least I was surprised to learn that Stendhal considers him...

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    Stendhal exorcised his unrequited love for a Milanesebeauty w this philosophical buffet chaud Does he grumpor whine He s too civilized He offers no practical lessonsbut rather extravagant literary exercises With his awarenessof life s absurdities and human imperfections including his own , he presents most seriously worldly ideas on intimacy, jealousy, pride and national differences Americans They are just, they are rational but they are not at all happy Is the Bible or rather the absurd conclusions that people have culled from that collection of poems enough to have caused them so much unhappiness This was penned 200 years ago.When the heart hurts he finds consolation in a beautifulview of the sea Caution for those in love The wisest thingis to confide in yourself Then handle w care What is lovewithout solitude And remember There are no age limits for love He illustrates a dreadful moment of agony A Parisienne surprisedin flagrante by her lover a...

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    Del amor o De l amour en franc s es una obra muy particular de Stendhal, seg n algunos una de sus obras favoritas Lo le debido a que le tengo en muy alto gracias a sus novelas Rojo y Negro y La cartuja de Parma que son mis favoritas y las he rele do varias veces Pero Del amor, a pesar de su t tulo que pudiera parecer novelesco es m s bien un ENSAYO del autor muy personal pero al fin y al cabo hecho para probar algunas de sus afirmaciones sobre todo lo relacionado a las relaciones sentimentales y pasionales.Es el lado de Stendhal que la verdad menos me gusta, como dice Ortega y Gasset en su apreciaci n sobre la obra Stendhal ten a muchas teor as pero era un mal teorizador , como producto tenemos un TRATADO sobre el Amor poco f cil de leer y obviamente no puede parecer entretenido de leer a simple vista Estoy seguro que para muchos puede incomodar un cierto aire de sabidur a que siempre ha tenido Stendhal en sus escritos, pero que bien interpretados podemos nosotros darle una adecuada interpretaci n, dando por resultado que a veces parezcan algunas conclusiones suyas poco l gicas.Pero creo que estamos ante una persona muy perspicaz y sobre todo de mundo el cual nos da un retrato muy fiel de c mo se sent a el amor y la pasi n en la Europa del siglo XIX Habla de muchos ejemplos contempor neos en su poca la cual a pesar de conocer bastante igual sent a que me perd a entre tantos personajes , de las ...

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    I thought this was brilliant The author uses the effect of crystallization to descibe the bejewelling word effect of love on the person you love He gives some really startling examples of how people can get fascinated with the feeling that loves gives them and find it difficult to dichotomize that from the person they are supposed to be loving This is the type of book you should read at 18 because it makes you realise a hundred things you probably acknowledge when you turn 30 Alth...

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    C di meglio.

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    1.5 5 DNF I don t know on what page, but it was so so boring Also the perspective was only from one side I think that men and women feel differently about love.

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    If your fires of classical romance need fanning, turn to this gem This is one of those books that can convince you of humanity s pervading spirit the timelessness of emotions and experiences that in the moment seem so seethingly personal, yet to discover that they are shared, almost exactly, by others who lived hundreds of years before you I am only giving it 4 stars to prove that I can review something without giving it 5 stars but this book probably deserves all of them because it can be so right on Stendhal really spoke to me when I was deep in the throes of desperately thrilling enrapturement I was so taken with someone distant, uncommunicative, yet I was convinced PERFECT for me.The author just nails those embarrassing and private ruminations and articulates them beautifully, making me feel understood and supported rather ashamed and or immature If only t...

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