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February and the Single Heart When She Was 15, Heiress Mary Jo Miller Was Kidnapped Rescued By A Young 21 Year Old Man, She Subsequently Found Herself In Tumult And Hard Straights After Her Father S Premature Death Eight Years Later, Just When Her Life Seemed To Be Settling Down, She Is Arrested For Grand Larceny, Assault And Eventually Murder Now That Same Young Man Is The Investigator On Her Case Sparks Fly Again And Mary Jo Has Reason To Be Confident But That Young Man Has His Own Set Of Problems And Mary Jo Soon Realizes That He May Not Be Her Rescuer This Time This Time, He May Be Concerned About Himself And She May Spend The Rest Of Her Life Mired In A Nightmare Of Regret And Prison 2nd In The Single Heart Series.


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    Things haven t been going that well for private detective, February Dunn He took over the family business when his father had a stroke and business hasn t been great In fact, he is broke and doesn t even like detective work He has a chance to turn things around when he gets a new case to try to find out how some priceless paintings were stolen from the local museum and try to recover the paintings view spoiler There is trouble when he discovers the main suspect in the case is a girl he rescued years ago from a kidnapping, Mary Jo Miller A girl, he hasn t been able to stop thinking about in years Mary Jo hasn t had it easy since that kidnapping At the time she was a youthful genius expected to take over her father s large pharmaceutical company as soon as she was old enough However, before ...

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    February and the Single Heart is the second book in the Single Heart Series February Dunn, Jr was a 21 year old young man helping with his father s private detective agency His mission was to find a fifteen year old heiress named Mary Jo Miller who had been kidnapped and bring her to safety Now, it is eight years later and February is reluctantly running the business when his ill father can t take the helm any longer He is also surprised to see Mary Jo involved in his latest case, and she is in deep trouble Will February come to her rescue Mary Jo is a genius with a quick wit when we first meet her at fifteen Although February and Mary Jo seem to share a connection it is not something to be acted upon Mary Jo appears to be the outspoken and opinionated kind February seems like someone who is reserved and straight laced When they meet later they both seem to have been kicked in the teeth by life in general, and they seem to be on even ground.I enjoyed this novella When I looked at the title I really didn t know what kind of read to expect Zetterwall has written a story that is part mystery and part romance I liked the direction of the story the connection the main characters shared was really pure It was truly that once in a l...

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