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Ember Dawning Infinity (Book Six) A Heroic Battle Awaits The Celestial War Looms On The Emerging Horizon There S No Escape From This Shrouded Destiny It Will Befall Us One All The Unknown Darkness Is Now Revealed The Pure Light Faces Off Against The Darkest Shadows There S No Way To Prepare For Something So Intense There S No Way To Get Ready For The Stunning Series Conclusion Dare To Brave The Final Epic Adventure

C.K Mullinax Cindy Always in search of a new adventure, after graduating from college she began her next excursion into the shadowy unknown The first book of epic fantasy Ember Series Ember Rising Light came to life in the summer of 2010 As the tale rapidly unfolded, five thrilling books would evolve New realms, supernatural abilities, clandestine cultures and unexpected twists were

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