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The Forgotten QueenLove, Treachery And Betrayal At Court The Perfect Read For Fans Of Philippa Gregory And Susannah Dunn.From Her Earliest Days, Margaret Tudor Knows She Will Not Have The Luxury Of Choosing A Husband As Daughter Of Henry VII, Her Duty Is To Gain Alliances For England Barely Out Of Girlhood, Margaret Is Married By Proxy To James IV And Travels To Edinburgh To Become Queen Of Scotland.Despite Her Doubts, Margaret Falls Under The Spell Of Her Adopted Home But She Has Rivals While Jamie Is An Affectionate Husband, He Is Not A Faithful One And Providing An Heir Cannot Guarantee Margaret S Safety When Jamie Leads An Invading Army Against Her Own Brother, Henry VIII.In The Wake Of Tragic Loss She Falls Prey To The Attentions Of The Ambitious Earl Of Angus A Move That Brings Scotland To The Brink Of Anarchy Beset By Betrayal, Secret Alliances, And The Vagaries Of Her Own Heart, Margaret Has One Overriding Ambition To Preserve The Crown Of Scotland For Her Son, No Matter What The Cost.Exquisitely Detailed And Poignant, The Tudor Princess Vividly Depicts The Life And Loves Of An Extraordinary Woman Who Helped Shape The Fate Of Two Kingdoms And In Time, Became The Means Of Uniting Them.

D.L Bogan is a history major, aiming for a master s so that she might lecture one day She is also a musician with classical voice training who has been playing keyboards and singing in bands since she was 18 She also enjoys reading, traveling, summer activities, spending time with family and friends, and researching her next novel She makes her home in central Wisconsin.

[PDF / Epub] ⚣ The Forgotten Queen ✈ D.L. Bogdan – Pandorajewelry70off.us
  • Paperback
  • 318 pages
  • The Forgotten Queen
  • D.L. Bogdan
  • English
  • 25 April 2019
  • 9780007497782

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    My eyes are burning and my bones are aching from staying glued to this book so many hours in the past two days What a wonderful walk through history and romance it is I was so taken up in the story from the first chapter as the young Margaret was swept by her father, Henry VII into her role as a mighty queen in purpose, to bond the great countries of England and Scotland Margaret was just a little girl, and her life had already become larger than imaginable I was breathless and anxious along with her.D L Bogdan has a way of keeping the action moving while she entwines us with a perfect love story fit for the often delicate queen Margaret is strong in spirit, but tender of heart, that is And, Bogdan achieves the perfect balance of that character in her Mother, queen, sister and lover wife, this Queen of the Scots ...

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    Oh dear, I seem to be having a run of bad books recently I picked up this book because I was intrigued by the premise Whilst historical fiction on the Tudors seems to be a penny a dozen these days, all trying to jump on the bandwagon, novels about Margaret Tudor, elder sister of King Henry VIII and Queen of Scotland, are few and far between With all the focus on the stereotypical image of the gluttonous Henry and his farcical merry go round of six wives, his two sisters and their impact on history are often overlooked So I was quite interested in the idea of reading a novel about Margaret s life, and her struggles in Scotland at the time notoriously difficult to rule, with power much less in the hands of the monarch, as it was in England, and much in the hands of powerful lords and clan leaders Unfortunately, the premise was the only thing I felt this book had going for it.Let s start with the language used Firstly, it s a minor point, but I do wish that certain historical fiction authors would stop using d you in their novels It s fine in Harry Potter the characters that use it in Harry Potter are teen...

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    The story of Margaret, older sister of Henry VIII is possibly a less familiar one than that of his younger sister, Mary, and it s that fact which initially attracted me to this book In fact, I think I ve only read one other book about her Jean Plaidy s The Thistle and the Rose, which I read probably than thirty years ago.So I was interested in reacquainting myself with her story.Margaret led a turbulent life that was frequently beset by tragedy Like many females born into prominent families, she was used as a bargaining tool, a means of cementing alliances, to which end she was married to King James IV of Scotland at the age of 13.As a young girl, Margaret is shown to be intelligent and lively The early part of her life is dealt with very quickly, but before she leaves for Scotland, her father, Henry VII tells her that he has a dream that through her, the kingdoms of England and Scotland will be united, which of course does come to pass, although not in the way he had expected Margaret s great grandson, James VI became James I of the United Kingdom in 1603 upon the death of Elizabeth I.Margaret s husband is twenty years her senior, handsome and kind and she falls for him immediately They were married for eleven years, during which time and she bore him six children, only one of whom survived infancy , but...

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    Warning Mild spoilers ahead Something is wrong with me, or at least wrong with the books I ve been reading lately My past 3 or 4 books were 2 stars, I need to stop that trend Unfortunately, this book is not going to be the one to end the streak I wanted it to be, so desperately The cover is amazing, I am so in love with that dress that I wanted to read the book simply for that The synopsis also grabbed my attention Everyone has read books about the infamous Tudors Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn, Princess Catherine, all of these are names that most people would recognize Margaret is the oft overlooked Tudor that I can t recall having too many books written about her In retrospect, there seems to be a very good reason for that.Initially, I thought that I would quite like Margaret She was spunky and fiery, with a bit of an attitude on her too Her journey to the altar by proxy at the age of 13 to the King of Scotland, who was 20 years her senior, was a sweet introduction to the story and her character I liked that she understood her role in a royal family of being a queen and producing a royal family, while trying to bring two kingdoms together She was being proactive and determined to do her part for both England and Scotland I also enjoyed seeing her struggles to acclimate to a new country and discovering exactly what being a...

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    What a fantastic historical novel I enjoyed every minute of it Part of it was due to the fact that I have never read much historically about Margaret Tudor and the rest was because of Bogdan s masterful storytelling.Margaret Tudor is portrayed here as a multifaceted figure She sets out to become queen of Scotland at the tender age of fourteen and yet she overcomes her doubts and proves herself to be a strong and proud woman very much a queen And yet, in her steadfast quest to see her son crowned, she seems to cast others aside along the way, unknowing in her own way, but realizing too late what she has lost Despite her faults, I found myself endeared to Margaret I shed tears several times throughout the book As she faced the many sorrowful events in her life, I faced them with her Much of the trials Margaret faces are largely due to her status as a woman Women did not have many options or much power in those days Perhaps Margaret best summed it up herself when she reflected, The world did not belong to women, except for what they could do to further their men Margaret s life was very much tied up in furthering men, often with heartbreaking consequences.Another aspect of the novel I enjoyed was Bogdan s portrayal of Henry VIII, Margaret s younger brother The way he is depicted in this book is very much how I imagined he would have behaved from what I ve learned of him in previous readings Margaret says about him, Well, Henry has a code of...

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    I m no fan of the Tudors but having enjoyed Bogdan s previous novel, I decided to give this one with its focus on Margaret Tudor, sister of Henry VIII a go, and I m glad This is a wonderfully readable hist fic that hits the elements of what I like in a read historical ambiance that feels real, a main character I like, historical relationships articulated in a way that seems believable, and enough drama and emotion to make me care.The Margaret of this novel is Margaret Tudor, sister of Henry VIII Raised by her father Henry VII to embrace her God given sovereignty, she is a girl who wants love after so much loss her brother Arthur, her mother, her other siblings who died as infants.Margaret is married at 13 to James IV, King of Scotland, told to keep peace between the two kingdoms Her new husband is 30, an experienced lover of women, and father to five bastards Margaret drowns herself in fripperies and fetes, basking in her husband s sweet attentions But tragedy strikes thanks to her brother, Henry, now king and suddenly the sweet girl yearning for love finds herself struggling for so much Her infant son is crowned King and she risks losing her position as regent if she marries And ye...

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    Reviewed for www.luxuryreading.com.Being a huge fan of Tudor historical fiction, I am always pleasantly surprised when an author can bring to my attention a previously little known person from this much discussed sphere This is exactly what D.L Bogdan has done in The Forgotten Queen, giving voice to the lesser discussed sibling of Henry VIII, Margaret Tudor With the trademark pride and stubbornness of the Tudors, Margaret worked tirelessly as a Princess of England and Queen of Scotland to bring her two countries together in peace, something never done before.Ms Bogdan s Margaret is somehow very relatable and very unique at the same time Having a seemingly endless string of babies born that die young, three husbands that are all unfaithful to her and a deep seeded want for a normal life with a loving hus...

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    The Tudors were a fiery, memorable family Headstrong, passionate, often foolhardy, restless this describes the forgotten Tudor, Queen Margaret of Scotland She was Henry VIII s older sister, but importantly, she was the mother of King James V of Scotland, the father of Mary, Queen of Scots She tried to set into motion peace between England in Scotland, which would finally be realized with her great grandson James.Margaret leaves England at an early age to wed the King of Scotland Though they have a loving relationship, Margaret can never understand why he must always have a mistress She sees this as a personal affront, but when he dies a few years into their marriage, leaving her a pregnant widow, she misses him dearly Through several regents, Margaret tries to hold Scotland together She realizes much too late that her second husband, the Earl of Angus, is greedy and grasping, and by then Scotland is in an uproar.Margaret lived a long life, having many children Only two survived infancy, the future King James V and the neglected Lady Margaret Douglas Bogdan s Margaret is impetuous, selfish, passionate, lonely, and full of regrets Yet she never sto...

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    This is the story of Margaret Tudor, Henry VIII s slightly less famous sister Margaret married Jamie, King of Scotland Margaret s father tells her to remember that she will always be a Tudor first and the Queen of Scotland second This idea gets Margaret into quite a bit of trouble as she loses her first husband and must fight to maintain regency in lieu of her son Margaret has a way of getting herself into trouble by not recognizing that she cannot be a Tudor first and Queen of Scotland second When her first husband dies, Margaret seems to ignore his advice that every man will be out to win the queen and not Margaret herself She marries quickly qithout the advice of the council and gets herself into an unfavorable situation.Throughout this entire book, I felt like Margaret simply refused to see the truth, that she would have to pick between England and Scotland at some point I found her to be very whiny and ...

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    I enjoy reading about the kings and queens of old, and was excited about this novel about the little known Queen Margaret of Scotland Author D.L Bogdan does a wonderful job of taking her readers deep into the heart of the English royal family, with all the scandals, machinations, and drama that they are so famous for There is romance, adventure, mystery and a bit of humor throughout this tale that along with a fast moving plot and a great cast of characters makes...

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