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The Rightful HeirArkon Has Loved The Deposed King Dardwin From Afar For The Past Six Years Determined To Stand At Dardwin S Side, He Makes Dardwin A Deal He Will Defeat The Usurper Morbain, But In Return Dardwin Needs To Agree To Take Arkon As His Consort Skeptical, Dardwin Declares That First Arkon Must Prove Himself With Two Other Challenges Then, Perhaps, Dardwin Will Consider Accepting Arkon S Bold Offer.

No stranger to male male stories, Diana Sheridan edited gay male sexzines for the better part of two decades under the nom de plume of Dan Maxwell Though Diana Sheridan isn t her true name either, it does reflect her true gender In her own name, she has had numerous books published both in print and as e books, is an accomplished editor of both books and magazines, and is comfortable switchi

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    Rocky start nearly lost me with the massive info dump and naive ponderings of Arkron as the stage is set Followed by the awkward and highly unlikely greeting between the king and him O_oThe conversations they have are ridiculous and Arkron s planning both in his meeting with Dardwin and after are absurd More info dumps about things irrelevant to the story and telling me about the characters, but not moving the story along A prolonged wrestling match after dinner and then this awkwardly worded statement It was a lingering kiss but a closed mouth one, and it sent sparkles and deep rooted longings shooting through Arkron s body And just so you know, that s as sexy as this story gets.Then, there s a series of tests Dardwin requires to prove Arkron s worth, like a knight of old did for maidens very bizarre And conversation dribble Aside from the tests and the final battle everything happens over m...

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    pretty terrible.my record of misfortune with this publisher stands at 0 2.

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    This honestly felt like an outline of a story than a story itself It needs a lot added to make it a complete story, and some polishing to make the story flow better I think the potential for a good story is there,...

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