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Soccer Star Lionel Messi Considered By Some To Be The Greatest Soccer Star Of All Time, Lionel Messis Story Is Nothing Short Of Spectacular As This Sports Biography Highlights The Biggest Moments Of His Career, It Becomes Quite Clear Why He Is The Most Important Player To Argentinas National Squad And His Club Team, FC Barcelona.

John A Torres is a journalist and author of than fifty books, including his recently published memoir On Higher Ground Now a reporter for FLORIDA TODAY newspaper in Melbourne, he has covered major disaster areas as well as social justice issues In his spare time Torres likes to fish, read, swim, and spend time with his wife and five children.

[KINDLE] ❁ Soccer Star Lionel Messi  ❄ John A. Torres – Pandorajewelry70off.us
  • Paperback
  • 48 pages
  • Soccer Star Lionel Messi
  • John A. Torres
  • 07 June 2019
  • 9781622851102

10 thoughts on “Soccer Star Lionel Messi

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    I got this from the author this was a quick but fun read I didn t know a lot about this athlete but this is a pretty good biography This book definitely made me like Messi Definitely a book for younger readers But your younger soccer fans will love it.

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    I thought this book was great I want to recommend this book to Erick Guevera , Luis, Alexis Zuniga, and Christopher Perez I want to recommend this book to Erick,Luis, and Alexis and Christopher because even though the book only has 48 pages the book has a lot of great details For example,it tells how amazing Messi played when he ...

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    This book is good for barcelona fans I personally watch barcelona play football and Messi ALWAYS stands out I know a lot about Messi now after i read this book This book does not have too many pages so it will take ...

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    The book i m reading is a non fiction book and I think the book is really good to read for all soccer fans and Spoiler alert You ll know who is the best soccer player in the world is in 2013 2015 And anther Spoiler alert is that Lionel Messi at the age of twenty five he became the only soccer player to win the trophy four times Spoiler alert Messi is also known for his amazing skills and ball handling the soccer ball The book is a really awesome book to read because it shows everything about the Lionel Messi were he s from and what teams he plays in And it also shows thing about his childhood and how he grew up and how long he played soccer and what he also wanted as a young child It shows all of his accomplishments in his life in soccer The setting is in Argentina and the problem was that Messi had to get surgery because he was too short to play with the other older boys his age But he wanted to play with them so bad him and his farther went to the doctor Messi had Spoiler alert he was suffering from growth hormone deficit ...

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    This Book was about a man named Lionel Messi that became a soccer player because of the big problems in his life that he beat such as being bullied for being to small for doing anything The setting in the book is Spain because this is where Lionel Messi was born, but currently he is living in Argentina The conflict that occurred between Messi and other kids was that because of him being small people made fun of him for being small so this cause him to get in trouble a lot and did not achieve many things in school So he found out that he is very good at soccer and stuck to that The main theme of this book is to never give up with your dreams even if you aren t the same size as other people Another theme that I found was that you should always try different things instead of doing the things that your best friends do This is because if you don t do what you want you won t be able to do the things in life that you find the most interesting for yourself Overall, I would recommend this boo...

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    I think that this book is an Amazing book.Why Well, I think its an okay book because it shows how difficult Messi s life was 13 and under and I didn t know that before he was a real soccer player Messi had growth hormone.Growth hormone is a peptide hormone that stimulates growth.Their was a medicine before but after a month or so the prices went up 1500 a month which Messi s family couldn t afford.The family asked their Health Care,Relatives but it still wasn t enough to pay for it.So Messi got an opportunity to play in Barcelona,and the family asked if they could pay for the treatment,and they did,yay Messi then went on to become the best Soccer Player ...

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    i thought this book was amazing because it had many interesting facts about messi s child hood,and his real life young boy experinece of playing soccer,i also found out facts about his achevments.i also learned new facts about messi,for instance like messi played the U 17 world cup and won that world cup.i also didnt know that messi had a growth problem.he was short for a good while,and i think he had to take shots or medicene in order to grow which messis parents couldnt afford.which proves he had a very diffucult life before he was a soccer legend i would recommend this book to ...

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    I loved this book This book had amazing facts about his childhood, his achievements, and how he is just an awesome soccer player I learned some new facts about Lionel Messi then I did before I recommend this book to people who like Soccer and who like Lionel Messi.It wil...

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    i love it

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