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False ReportA Thrilling New Lucinda Pierce Mystery Candace Eagleton Was Brutally Murdered, And Homicide Lieutenant Lucinda Pierce Is Determined To Find Her Killer Meanwhile, Charles Rowland Tells FBI Agent Jack Lovett Vague Details About A Murder Linked To Someone At The Heart Of The US Government But Before Jake Can Find Out , Charles Bolts And Is Killed When A Scrap Of Paper Is Found In Charles Apartment With A List Of Names, Including His And Candace S, It S Clear The Murders Are Linked And There May Be To Follow.

Veronica Heley has published than fifty books, including crime fiction, historical, and children s titles She is currently involved in the Ellie Quicke series of crime stories and a variety of other projects A full time writer, she has been married to a London probation officer since 1964, and has one musician daughter.AKA

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    I enjoyed the last Abbott Agency novel by Veronica Heley, False Money, and the previous one, False Pretences I did, really But Nos 4 and 5 in the series just weren t as good as the first three However, I m glad to say that Heley returned to form with the sixth installment, False Report.At the novel s start, Bea Abbott s son, the self important and bullying Member of Parliament Max Abbott, tries to persuade his mother that she s over the hill and should give up the Abbott Agency, a temporary staffing agency that sometimes investigates crimes Mrs Abbott begins to have her doubts as to whether she s outlived her usefulness.Mrs Abbott is almost persuaded when she realizes that the agency s new office manager, Ianthe, is running off all of Bea s longtime loyal staff and is engaged in other suspicious activities Bea also looks into a false accusation of murder and of sexual impropriety against a tiny, absent minded music teacher composer Readers will find both plotlines compelling ...

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    Bea Abbot has just returned from a much needed holiday to find things seemed to have changed Her business, the Abbot Agency, is going from strength to strength but something seems to be wrong and she can t put her finger on what Maggie, who shares the house with her, seems to be upset about something and her adopted son, Oliver doesn t seem to want to talk to her To cap it all her friend, CJ, has landed her with the job of helping an acquaintance of his, composer Jeremy Waite, who is mixed up in a murder enquiry Her son, Max, seems bent on convincing her she is too old to run a business and wants her to retire and sell him her large house at a knockdown price.Fortunately Bea loves a challenge and she rolls up her sleeves and gets on with the job to prove to herself she is not too old to work I really enjoyed this book and read it in an evening I like Bea as a character and Maggie and Oliver are developing in their own ways and making a success of their lives It was good to see a bit of CJ who is always an enigmatic character.I enjoy this author s writing style and her plots ar...

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    This one of the worst books I ve read, the main character is very sanctimonious praying to god every 5 minutes The other characters are laughable and the plot is crazy and awfully written I ve read many Scandi novels which have been translated better than this I hope anyone who is re...

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    These books about the Abbot Agency are very entertaining Bea is the owner of a domestic placement agency but she is also as the book points out several times a mother hen In this episode she deftly manage...

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    Excellent as usual

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    marvellous veronica Henley is on form Characters well drawn Very delightful read Bea abbot to the rescue once .

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    Another satisfying read from Veronica Heley

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    I wish there was a Bea Abbott for all the people that need someone to take them in and sort them out Although I do wish she wouldn t let her son Max boss her about quite so much.

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