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The Warlord, the Warrior, the War (Rise of the Penguins, #2) THE HUMANS HAVE BROUGHT THE FIGHT TO ANTARCTICA As The War Of The Species Rages, The Overlord Has Sent General Diutes To Regain Control Of The Fracturing Penguin Defense Alliance Desperate For A Strong Leader In The General S Absence, Antaean Offers The Rogue Warlord Of Planarseae, The Chance To Take Diutes Place And Stall The Human Onslaught But Talus And His Band Of Outcasts Have No Loyalty To The Overlord Russian Born Mercenary Trofim Grekov Has Spent The Past Twenty Years As A Specialist In Handling Esoteric Biological Threats Hoping For A Final Payday To Retire To A Quiet Life, He Accepts An Offer From The Dubious Colonel Jenson In Antarctica, Trofim Will Learn The Truth About What He Is Fighting And Who He Can Trust If Anybody Set Against The Backdrop Of The Events In RISE OF THE PENGUINS, Events In THE WARLORD, THE WARRIOR, THE WAR Will Have Implications For The Future Of Mankind And Penguin Alike

Steven Hammond was born in Fresno, California in the year 1967 His first book RISE OF THE PENGUINS will likely win the Pulitzer prize for best penguin fiction He fully expects this and all future works to garner the highest praise in the literary world By the time of his death in the year 2031, he will have amassed wealth greater than that all of the nations of this world and worlds not yet dis

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