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Guitar Man: A Six-String Odyssey, or, You Love that Guitar More Than You Love MeWill Hodgkinson Dreamt Of Being A Guitar Legend But Never Got Round To It Now In His Thirties And Married With Children, He Still Nurtures Hopes Of Emulating His Heroes So He Decides To Learn The Guitar From Scratch, Start A Band And Play A Gig Before It S Too Late On His Journey Of Discovery, He Picks Up Tips Along The Way From Johnny Marr And The Byrds Roger McGuinn, And Attempts To Play Davey Graham S Anji Will His Debut Gig End In Bum Notes, Musical Differences And Disaster

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Guitar Man: A Six-String Odyssey, or, You Love that Guitar More Than You Love Me book, this is one of the most wanted Will Hodgkinson author readers around the world.

[Ebook] ➦ Guitar Man: A Six-String Odyssey, or, You Love that Guitar More Than You Love Me ➥ Will Hodgkinson – Pandorajewelry70off.us
  • Paperback
  • 292 pages
  • Guitar Man: A Six-String Odyssey, or, You Love that Guitar More Than You Love Me
  • Will Hodgkinson
  • English
  • 28 January 2019
  • 9780747577454

10 thoughts on “Guitar Man: A Six-String Odyssey, or, You Love that Guitar More Than You Love Me

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    Because I m learning guitar, I m really enjoying this book He works in a lot of the history of the guitar such as Django Reinhart s life story, and a description of how sharecroppers used to nail broom wires to the front wall of their cabin He doesn t have a big ego, but he has the chutzpa to seek out beginner guitar lessons from some interesting people, such as Johnny Marr fr...

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    Like Song Man, Will Hodginson puts himself on an uphill battle to learn guitar and not only that but to have a goal to play in front of a live audience within 6 months of learning the guitar What s fantastic about Hodgkinson is his personality which comes through the book and his music instincts He interviews everyone from Johnny Marr to Davy Graham to James Williamson of Raw Power Stooges era in the art of guitar playing And what you get is a great sense of place in the book everywhere from Memphis to learn the Sun Records guitar sound to his home in London One thing the book is not is a technical manual in how to play the guitar, but what it does expres...

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    A pleasant read about an over 30 Englishman who decides to take up the guitar While setting out to accomplish his mission of playing for an audience within 6 months of buying his first guitar, he seeks out the advice of great...

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    High marks for the feeling and thoughts that this book reminds us of our own journey into guitar playing Will Hosgkinson attempts to take us on a simple narrative journey in his quest to learn to play the guitar, however what happens through his story telling is than he might have imagined Reading through this book reminds the already seasoned guitarist of the exploration and naivety that fueled our own interest into music and the instrument Many instrumentalists will assert that retuning to the beginner s mindset is a necessity for the creative mind This book reminds us what it feels like to be humbled by what we don t know and what it feels like to have the desire to know For some of us this takes us back to the feelings we had in our childhood years of exploration, for others it may be a great reminder about new experiences waiting for those who are willing to seek them out Will this book inspire a new guitarist to keep diving Maybe not But for me, it did inspire me to return to that beginner s mindset of exploration The references and people that Will come across are fantastic and are likely to appeal to someone who has an inkling if an idea of who and what they are The narrative takes Will through a journey with a mission.the mission to play guitar at a gig complete w the development of his own basement band and the arguments that come along with it Will s journey is of course better funded than most ...

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    Reading this in conjunction with a Guitar Hero obsession made me want to spend my poker money on a real guitar But the part of me that knows i d never devote any time to it won the argument against my friend Scott s best efforts to talk me into joining his fraternity of axmen Almost a decade after he kindly set one up for me polished and newly strung , as a compromise, that Fender sits forlornly in its case, almost completely unplucked.Hodgkinson s goofy 1 year venture is laudable and en...

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    As I have taken a break from analysing myself in the modern educational manner I have turned to reading for some pleasure and first up this slight yet fairly amusing tome from a journo who hung around the sort of people I knew in London in early 2000s From living under Liam Watson Toe rag to fetching up at Tapestry festival our lives almost intersect I am almost sure I would have stood next to this geezer at a Come Down and Meet the Folks gig at some point I remember Teddy Paige in Camden and Alan Tyler even wrote a song about him I think called Ivanhoe I certainly saw him in jester costume but without sword as I recall.As music editor and journo for various newspapers etc he had the C.V that opened doors..even Davy Graham s slightly bonkers one and this a fairly straightforward travelogue with added six string footnotes He tracks down some interesting teachers It a shame he didn t track down Jimmy Page himself but Jansch and Graham esoteric and probably cheaper but not as cheap to interview as T Model Ford which for me was high point of the tale.Structurally the book well written, the facts correct in a Wikipedia fashion at times but for me the ending was a damp squib If he really learnt guitar in six months and played such an effortlessly well received gig he either 1 Lying or 2 Deluded..or possibly both It may be the truth but a disaster would have been far in character with the shambles preceding and I did get the feeling that a very large lily was gilded several ...

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    I ate this book UP Maybe it s fueled by my recent obsession with Guitar Hero, but this was the perfect read for me at the moment.I really enjoyed the way Hodgkinson shares his experience of developing a modicum of facility with the instrument His story struck a lot of chords with me sorry, couldn t resist, but the cliche is true.Just like a novice guitarist, i almost gave up right away, though The large % of narrative devoted to history and biography as mentioned by others put me off a bit I m not a fan of either genre When it was personal i.e., recounting his encounters, interviews, and time with notable guit...

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    A hugely engaging, heartfelt and surprisingly moving book on the trials and tribulations of a thirty something, frustrated rocker and his attempts to learn the guitar in 6 months and perform in public In researching the book Hodgkinson luckily gets to meet some of the most under rated and quirky twangers out there including Billy Childish, Bert Jansch, Johnny Marr, T Model Ford, James Williamson and perhaps most interestingly and entertainingly of all, Davey Graham his guitar teaching technique he puts on a ravi shankar record, goes to the pub, comes back to change the record over, goes to pub again, comes back afterwards to the student and says ok thats it can i have a fiver now please.Some of the stories contained here are truly hilarious and in general this m...

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    It s been a while since I have read a book I literally couldn t put down Whilst this isn t literature, Will Hodgkinson, a journalist, certainly knows how to write It s the story of him learning to play the guitar from absolute zero to doing a public performance in six months Along the way he investigates the guitar and its role in popular culture He interviews some of the greatest guitarists of all time, such as Bert Jansch and even manages to ferret Davey Graham out of the woodwork Blues, folk, it s all there technical stuff and he even finds himself at the famous crossroads in Mississippi with his guitar trying to sell his soul to the Devil, just as Robert Johnson did all those years ago, only to find that he ...

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    A man s attempt to learn the guitar and play a gig in 6 months It s a lively account of what could be a very dull subject He throws in some history of the guitar and brief biographical snippets of people like Django Reinhardt It also helps that he seems to be able to call on the services of Davendra Barnhart, Bert Jansch, PJ Harvey, Johnny Marr and to help him out.Well, I read it in about a day Very entertaining and easy to read It s a bit of a blokey genre piece in parts...

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