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Terrorists at the Table Should Governments Talk To Terrorists Do They Have Any Choice Without Doing So, Argues Author Jonathan Powell In Terrorists At The Table, We Will Never End Armed Conflict As Violent Insurgencies Continue To Erupt Across The Globe, We Need People Who Will Brave The Depths Of The Sri Lankan Jungle And Scale The Heights Of The Colombian Mountains, Painstakingly Tracking Down The Heavily Armed And Dangerous Leaders Of These Terrorist Groups In Order To Open Negotiations With Them.Powell Draws On His Own Experiences Negotiating Peace In Northern Ireland And Talks To All The Major Players From The Last Thirty Years Terrorists, Presidents, Secret Agents And Intermediaries Exposing The Subterranean World Of Secret Exchanges Between Governments And Armed Groups To Give Us The Inside Account Of Negotiations On The Front Line These Past Negotiations Shed Light On How Today S Negotiators Can Tackle The Taliban, Hammas And Al Qaeda And History Tells Us That It May Be Necessary To Fight And Talk At The Same Time.Ultimately, Powell Brings Us A Message Of Hope There Is No Armed Conflict Anywhere In The World That Cannot Be Resolved If We Are Prepared To Learn From The Lessons Of The Past.

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[PDF] ↠ Terrorists at the Table  Author Jonathan Powell – Pandorajewelry70off.us
  • Hardcover
  • 336 pages
  • Terrorists at the Table
  • Jonathan Powell
  • English
  • 28 March 2018
  • 9781250069887

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    We were not trading arms for hostages, nor were we negotiating with terrorists Ronald Reagan Terrorists at the Table Why Negotiating is the Only Way to Peaceby Jonathan Powell is a practical look at dealing with terrorism using the historical record as an example Powell is a British diplomat who served as the first Downing Street Chief of Staff, under British Prime Minister Tony Blair from 1995 to 2007 He was the only senior adviser to last the whole period of Blair s leadership During this period, Powell was also the chief British negotiator on Northern Ireland He runs the charity Inter Mediate which works on armed conflicts around the world.Powell is currently the UK s special envoy to Libya.We all have heard it Political leaders have repeated it Hollywood loves to use it in everything from cop shows to blockbuster movies We do not negotiate with terrorists It seems to be an immutable law in contemporary international relations but is it Even if it is, is it correct Powell looks at several cases in the recent past Northern Ireland, FMLN in El Salvador, Nepalese Maoists, South Africa and Mandella, Sri Lanka, and other conflicts are all included It must be recognized that there are several different groups with different structures and goals The group res...

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    This builds on an exciting premise, and not because of the author s own tales of derring do negotiating with the IRA under Tony Blair s government In an age that makes not negotiating with terrorists a mark of heroism, a virtue, and tends to over value toughness, a realpolitik approach to ending armed conflicts with non state actors using terrorist methods can seem counter intuitive, even revolutionary Powell argues that it must be done, as such armed groups are rarely defeated militarily There are some important lessons to be gleaned here, from the examples given such as Aceh in Indonesia, the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka, the FARC in Colombia, etc, but also from some crucial viewpoints presented I ve always been among those who thought the US War on Terror to be deeply misguided, both for its fundamental misunderstanding of terrorism as a totalizing worldview rather than a tactic, and for its playing directly into the hands of groups like Al Qaeda Powell points out that labeling individuals and groups as t...

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    Uncomfortable, but Mr Powell presents an interesting hypothesis to the age old problem of terrorism That is, the only solution to terrorism is to engage with and negotiate with the terrorists He comes to this belief through his experiences with the IRA, as well as with other terrorist groups His arguments are persuasive Coming from a lifetime career in la...

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    By Martin LangfieldFinanciers sometimes like to compare negotiations to military strategy, with books like Sun Tzu s The Art of War co opted for the purpose Jonathan Powell s provocative Terrorists at the Table is a reminder that the art of the deal matters on a whole different level when the result really is life and death It s a primer like few others, written by a British former political operative and diplomat of few illusions and stubborn hope It s also darkly funny.Powell is no ivory tower theoretician A former Foreign Office diplomat who served for 10 years as chief of staff to Prime Minister Tony Blair, he was the chief British government negotiator on Northern Ireland As such he had a significant hand in implementing the 1998 Good Friday accord there that largely ended three decades of sectarian killing.Powell extracts lessons, tips and anecdotes from a dozen conflicts involving armed non state groups, drawing on negotiation theory but also personal experience and interviews with many of those involved Some of the conflicts are now over, for example in South Africa and Indonesia, some are now in advanced talks, as in Colombia, and others are unresolved They cover nationalis...

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    I recently received Jonathan Powell s Terrorists at The Table Why Negotiating is the Only Way to Peace for free through Goodreads First Reads I have just begun reading this book and will promptly update my review when I finish reading it I was looking forward to listening to Powell s argument for negotiating with terrorists versus other approaches This has become...

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