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Conscience of a Blackened Street Welcome To The Dunes, A Dark Garden Of Urban Decay And Corruption A Couple Wanna Be Stickup Artists Seek Out The Aid Of The Good Doctor Tynan After A Failed Robbery, Intent On Surviving Bullet Holes And Their Boss S Wrath But The Good Doctor Has Other Plans And A Terrible PurposeConscience Of A Blackened Street Is A Supernatural Thriller Short Story Set In The Seven Crows Universe, After The Events Of Seven Crows Book I Preludes Lamentations Could Be A Glimpse Into What Awaits The Characters On March 31 April 4 This Short Story Will Be Free To Download If You Cannot Download It For Free, Please E Mail Me Apoc Huntandkillam.com To Obtain A Free Copy During This Promotion And For The Rest Of The Month Of April, My First Novel Seven Crows, Will Only Be 0.99 Should You Enjoy Either, Please Spread The Word And Submit A Review On Thanks Seven Crows Preludes Lamentations Is Already Available On All Digital Readers And Via.The Seven Crows RPG Is In Development, Beta Copies Available For Free Via DriveThruRPG.com7crows.huntandkillam.com

Gamer, Writer, Philosopher, Publisher, Teacher, Novelist, Theologian, Author, Game Designer A storyteller all of his life, Justin first got into weaving tales while playing classic pen and paper RPGs like DD, VtM, and his own home brewed awesomeness Creating stories interactively with a group of friends, spending hours obsessing over every facet of a character and their development makes ch

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