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Hackers Aase Bergs Nya Diktsamling Handlar Om Utv Gar Ur Kvinnof Llan, Om V Ldsam Listighet Och Hur Man Fuckar Upp Systemen Inifr N I Magen P Den Trojanska H Sten Sammangaddar Sig Amasoner, Hackers, Stalkers, Parasiter, Horor, Haggor De F Rl Ter Inte De Gl Mmer Aldrig De Krossar Det Okrossbara Se Det H R Som Ett Hot De R H R See At

Poet, fiction writer, critic, translator, and one of the founding members of the Stockholm Surrealist Group.

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    Cyber i cyberpunk betyder r relse Punk betyder ta tillbaka Vem r vems stalker.Konsonantkollission F r helvete. Langolj r som adjektiv Den r relse, de m jligheter som ligger frusna, outsagda, osynliga i tingens Ordning, men som finns d r Vem delade ut r tten till Mr Hyde zoner Den k nda h sten fr ...

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    There are three ways of handling danger Fight, Flight or Play Dead We made different choices This is just the beginning Fight playing deadis not the same thing as being dead You ARE dead.

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    Bilingual Swedish English post surrealist feminist poetry engaged with, among other things, technology Hovers, as surrealism is meant to, around the edges of making emotional imagistic sense without appealing to reason Berg apparently used to be a orthodox surrealist but has tried with ...

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    Exactly what I look for in both language and form Another great translation by Johannes G ransson Oscillates among 6 or 8 sources to form a coherent response to the infiltration of technology on lives and bodies Lacks some of the greatest individual moments of her other work, but the concept is p...

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    I missed a lot on my first read through The translation is excellent, seeming to maintain the energy and linguistic creativity from endnotes and looking at original in this dual language edition A quick read that will likely reveal with subsequent re reading Initial rating 3.5.

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    I wrote a mini review of this book for Tarpaulin Sky

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    A great feminist account on how patriarchy destroys, disrupts, rapes, hacks the environment, the world, society, the female body A cyber poetry on rebellion

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    3.5 5

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    kattmjuk avtoxoplasma,schizosexEuforinend dar aldrigsin v rldp 63

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    A stimulant of a book, but it sucks your blood at the same time while you don t notice.

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