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24/7 Finn Chamberlain Is A Travel Writer With Passport Stamps Than Friends Her Career Keeps Her Constantly On The Go, Leaving Her Precious Little Time For Relationships And That S Just The Way She Likes It Until A Charged Encounter With A Beautiful Stranger Causes Her To Call Her Unsettled Life Into Question.Luisa Moreno Is An Officer With The Mexican Federal Police Her Chance Meeting With Finn Chamberlain Was Supposed To Be A One Time Thing, But It Leaves Her Wanting When Finn S Life Is Threatened, It S Up To Luisa To Save Her Will Luisa S Rescue Attempt Be Successful, Or Will She Lose Much Than Her Heart In The Process

Mason Dixon.

[PDF / Epub] ☄ 24/7  ✓ Yolanda Wallace – Pandorajewelry70off.us
  • Paperback
  • 240 pages
  • 24/7
  • Yolanda Wallace
  • English
  • 13 September 2019
  • 9781626396197

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    Netgalley ARC provided by The Publisher in exchange for an unbiased review This storyline started okay but then careen off to a whole other different direction which was both very confusing and frustrating to me as a avid reader but one question that i would like the author to answer in her fictitious mind and while she is busy writing explain in detail how can someone fall in love with another person after only meeting a week then jumping into bed and having sex because a huge part of the storyline in this book was base solely on this purpose plus other bits and pieces of other stuff no important side story This was mainly about one of the leading ladies having to deal with many of her flaws issues about life and the type of work she was doing which was putting a lot of stress in her life traveling the world being a writer then the next one who even had her own issues and job problems with the Mexican Cartel The book was not all that bad...

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    24 7 by Yolanda Wallace is a wild ride through Mexico Ms Wallace as always delivers an entertaining read that is fun and well researched Thrill seekers this is your book.24 7 begins in a bar in the DFW Dallas Fort Worth for you non Texas travelers airport Finn Chamberlain is awaiting her departure to Cancun Finn is a travel writer photographer for Bon Voyage magazine Finn while she resides in San Francisco she rarely spends anytime there Finn prefers to wonder the Earth and her job is the perfect outlet to do so Finn is your typical introvert, she would rather be in the background, and tend to keep to herself All the relationships she has had have been quick, all about sex, and nothing about attachment Luisa Moreno is a five foot eight badass Luisa was a former officer in the Mexican Army and is now headed to Mexico City to become a member of the Mexican Federal Police She resigned from the Army after finding out that her commanding officer was on the take from the drug lords that run rampant in Mexico Luisa exudes confidence and is a commanding presence Finn is instantly drawn to her This is 100% lust ...

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    I received this book from NetGalley in return for a fair review My first book by this author First off I had an idea that I would be reading one of those danger type books based on the book description, but I didn t realize that it would be both a mystery and a thriller Plus the nature of the danger was a lot extensive than I realized.Second off issues I have four specific issues, all of which might be there when the book is officially published, or 1 or might not be Keep that in mind Ack The second issue turned out not to be an issue At some point in the book Finn mentioned that she had never seen the pyramids in person Then much later in the book she said she saw the pyramids in person My mind was playing tricks on me No, not what I just wrote, that happened I just thought they both referred to the Egyptian pyramids But no, they referred to Egyptian for having seen in person , and Mayan for never before seeing in person before now There might be some section where that is reinforced, where I got the idea wrong, but I think this specific issue was on my end ...

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    Finn Chamberlain is a travel writer who loves adventure The fact that the constant travel gives her the perfect excuse to avoid any relationships at all is a bonus, until she meets a gorgeous woman in an airport lounge Luisa Moreno is on her way to start her new career with the Mexican Federal Police, when she has a detour with Finn.Unexpectedly, the interlude prior to take off starts something new for both of them And while Finn is reviewing a retreat for lesbians in Cancun, Luisa is settling into her new job in Mexico City Neither expected their paths would cross again, or that their lives might be in danger as a result.Part romance and part thriller, Wallace has managed to balance both genres well within the book Clearly an experienced author, she has created likable and gutsy characters, and given us a plot that delivers unexpected turns The plot is a little far fetched at the end, but the story fits well within the genres The scenes of the lesbian resort in Cancun have a lot colour than the ones in Mexico City, but that could partly be a result of the difficulty of fitting the research done on Mexican cartels and policing into that story strand Wallace has clearly done a lot of research, and explains it well enough for someone with no knowledge me to have an idea of how the cartel...

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    Yolanda Wallace is one of my trusted authors Her books are always better than the average, and 24 7 is no exception Although the exception is the amount of mystery, hostage drama, police procedural and action in it That is not something I m particularly looking for in a romance novel, but here it is done well interesting, intense and logical.The setting was interesti...

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    Enjoyed it from beginning to end The interactions between Finn and Luisa in the short time that they knew each other, be it the phone calls or the time spent thinking about the other was really sweet Like from the words of a song, It only takes a minute to fall in Love that s how this stor...

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    Finn Chamberlain is a travel writer who meets Luisa Moreno at an airport and they spend a few hours together at a nearby hotel Finn is headed towards Cancun meanwhile Luisa is on her way to Mexico City as an officer for the Federal Mexican Police Once the officer starts work, she sets out to catch the mysterious leader of the Jaguars, one of the most powerful drug cartels in Mexico City.I enjoyed both of the main characters growth throughout the book As much as I liked both characters, I m not sure how much I believe their relationship together, especially since they slept together for a couple of hours and they went their separate ways and are apparently in love in span of a week.I very much liked the thriller aspect of the book, I thought it was rather intriguing and well written.I m not sure if I would re rea...

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    This is definitely my favourite Yolanda Wallace book so far I really, really liked the characters and thought that she did a good job of making the love at first sight believable in the way she described it I know a lot of people roll their eyes, as do I, when you have a love at first sight story that is just not realistic and too mushy mushy I thought this romance was sweet and liked how the relationship slowly developed through the book where both felt a pull towards the other which had them reaching out to one another I also enjoyed the crime story that was a major part of this book It kept the page turning for me and I was interested to see how it played out As I have felt in other books that are romance crime action it is hard to provide enough detail in either aspect I thought Yolanda did a good job however as a romance lover I would have loved romance And as someone who enjoyed a good crime I thought some parts of how the crime story played out just didn t quite hit the mark for me It felt rushed especially because this drug g...

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    Yollanda Wallace s 24 7 was a book I read while I was on vacation in Hawai i Yes, I was kind of trying to go for a vacation read theme about a hot place while visiting a hot place on vacation I m a nerd Here we meet Finn, a travel writer who isn t so good at making long term connections, and Luisa, an officer with the Mexican Federal Police They have a very quick and fiery connection that they both enjoy, never really thinking they ll encounter each other again, but when the all woman resort adventure Fin...

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    Enjoyed the ride even with a little action thrown in for go measure and taking place in Mexico was great as well.Arc given by NetGalley for a honest review.

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