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Waterloo A Brand New, Stand Alone Historical Novel, Set During The Dark Days Of The Battle Of Waterloo.Focussing On The Lesser Known, Key Moments Of The Battle Of Waterloo, Which Had A Big Impact On Its Outcome.Published To Commemorate The Bicentenary Of The Battle Of Waterloo Is This Summer.June, 1815 The Coldstream Guards And The Third Guards Are Waiting Impatiently For Orders To Move Into Battle Against Napoleon And His French Army Every Day Seems Endless As The Troops Wait For Wellington S Orders When Word Is Finally Received, The Path To Glory It Is Not Quite What The Troops Were Hoping For Hours Of Marching During The Day Are Followed By Restless Nights Sleep In The Rain, Dampening Their Spirits And Weakening Morale When The Group Eventually Encounter The French In Battle, A Special Command Comes From Wellington Himself To Colonel James Macdonell Of The Coldstream Guards Hold The Chateau At Hougoumont And Do Not Let The French Pass What Happens Next Is History.

Andrew Swanston read Law at Cambridge University, and held various positions in the book trade, including being a director of Waterstone Co, and chairman of Methven s plc, before turning to writing Inspired by a lifelong interest in early modern history, his Thomas Hill novels are set during the Wars of the Three Kingdoms and the early period of the Restoration Incendium is the first of

[Download] ➸ Waterloo  Author Andrew Swanston – Pandorajewelry70off.us
  • Hardcover
  • 350 pages
  • Waterloo
  • Andrew Swanston
  • English
  • 07 June 2019
  • 9780749019501

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    I have always enjoyed Napoleonic history and particular the battle of Waterloo, spotting this on Goodreads caught my eye The fight for the Chateau Hougoumont a micro but so important battle within the whole proved pivotal to winning Waterloo A fascinating but often barbaric battle that cost so many lives Worth a read One extra of note I feel that a couple of maps would of helped readers who are unfamiliar with the battle to visualise Hougomonts position and it...

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    Blood, Gore and BraveryFascinating insight into one of the greatest battles The scenes of war were graphically described in the bloodiest of terms The bravery of all the men was highlighted and the terrible conditions they endured, little or no food and drink and towards the end short...

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    Paints the helping battleReally good read with good characters who actually existed Makes we want to go back to Waterloo as now have a car greater appreciation of whY happened there.

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