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The Spicy-Adventure MEGAPACK ® The Pulp Magazines Of The Early To Mid 20th Century Are Often Politically Incorrect By Modern Standards However, The Spicy Magazines Spicy Adventure Stories, Spicy Mystery, Spicy Western, Etc Were Politically Incorrect By Their Own Contemporary Standards As Well With The Occasional Passing Glimpse Of A Creamy Smooth Thigh Or Other Womanly Part , And Often Filled With Sexism, Racism, And Over The Top Plots And Language, They Nevertheless Manage To Titillate With Innuendo Than Anything Else If You Find Such Things Offensive, This Is Definitely Not The Right MEGAPACK For You But If You Enjoy The Occasional Stroll Down The Back Alleys Of Pulp Publishing, Here S A Walk On The Seamy Side Of The 1930s Included Are THE SHANGHAI JESTER, By Robert Leslie Bellem BLACK MURDER, By Carl Moore SUEZ SOUVENIR, By Jerome Hyams THE HOUSE OF WEIRD SLEEP, By Charles R Allen CAVE OF THE CRISS CROSS KNIVES, By C.C Spruce HOT BLOOD, By Arthur Wallace THE MOON GOD TAKES, By Robert Leslie Bellem SMUGGLER S ISLAND, By Atwater Culpepper TALISMAN OF DOOM, By James W Marvin TATTOOED BLONDE, By Ellery Watson Calder WHITE MEAT, By Don King RED BAMBOO, By Jason Lyttell THE BLACK , By Ellery Watson Calder THE ISLE OF MONSTERS, By Jane Thomas TUFFY AND HIS HAREM, By Nick Anderson QUEEN OF THE FLAMING ARROWS, By Frank E Marks VALLEY OF BLOOD, By Victor Rousseau LUST TO KILL, By Jose Vaca MARRIAGE FOR MURDER, By C.A.M Donne MESSAGE TO MORGAN, By Guy Russell RIVER OF FIRE, By Ken Cooper SKY GODDESS, By Clive Trent LEAF OF THE LOTUS, By Guy Russell THE DEVIL S DAUGHTER, By Clark Nelson ADVENTURE S END, By Robert Leslie Bellem If You Enjoy This Volume Of Classic Stories, Don T Forget To Search Your Favorite Ebook Store For Wildside Press Megapack To See The 230 Other Entries In This Series, Including Mysteries, Adventure, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Westerns And Much, Much

Robert Leslie Bellem July 19, 1902 April 1, 1968 was an American pulp magazine writer, best known for his creation of Dan Turner, Hollywood Detective Before becoming a writer he worked in Los Angeles as a newspaper reporter, radio announcer and film extra After the demise of the pulps, Bellem switched to writing for television, including a number of scripts for The Lone Ranger, Adventures of

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    Good guy meets girl, girl has boobs, guy grabs boobs There s only so many ways to describe boobs Good guy sometimes does other stuff to girl, but this is the Thirties so we don t hear much about that Good gu...

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