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No Good Deed (Lancaster & Daniels, #2) A Human Trafficking Case Hits Dangerously Close To Home In A Heart Racing Thriller By The Charts Bestselling Author Of The King Tides.A Disturbing Missing Person Case Reunites Ex Navy SEAL Jon Lancaster And FBI Agent Beth Daniels Skye Is Just One Of A Dozen Young Women Who Have Disappeared From Florida Without A Trace Beth Can Do Than Just Imagine Their Fear She Was A Victim Herself A Trauma That S Strengthened Her Fight For Justice.Then Lancaster Uncovers A Scrap Of Evidence, And The Mystery Begins To Unravel But The Lead Comes With A Personal Sting The Involvement Of His Estranged Brother, Logan, An Ex Con Recruited Into The Shepherding Of Human Trade The Only Way For Logan To Shed His Demons Is To Come Clean For Lancaster And Daniels, That Means Being Drawn, Secret By Secret, Into A Dangerous Underground World.With Time Running Out, Three Damaged Pasts Will Collide Secrets Will Spill And Lancaster, Daniels, And Logan Will Have To Fight To Save Themselves First If They Ever Hope To Find The Girls Alive.

James Swain is the national best selling author of seventeen mystery novels, and has been published in twelve different languages His books have been chosen as Mysteries of the Year by Publisher s Weekly and Kirkus Reviews, and have received three Barry Award nominations, a Florida Book Award for Fiction, and France s prestigious Prix Calibre.38 for Best American Crime Fiction Born in Huntingto

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    Jon Lancaster is an ex Navy SEAL and ex cop who volunteers with Team Adam, a special arm of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children comprising former law enforcement and ex military personnel They assist in missing kid cases when law enforcement falter An elderly woman was murdered in her home and her granddaughter is missing Three days after her disappearance, the police and most of the volunteers have given up on ever finding the missing girl But not Jon Lancaster Culling from his past experience in law enforcement, Jon knows that if a missing person wasn t found in three days, chances of finding them alive were pretty slim So Jon decides to take it upon himself to look into the case and starts investigating Meanwhile, the FBI is called to investigate the disappearance of several women who have gone missing in the past They all have one thing in common they are either middle aged or elderly Secondly, they have testified and helped put away some bad people behind bars FBI agent Beth Daniels is assigned to handle this case Jon and Beth have had a history but with time running out, they have to set their differences aside to try and find the missing women and reunite them with their families And put these bad people away for good No Good Deed is an action packed thriller, taut writing, excellently crafted, fast paced with twists and turns that will make you turn the pages Overall, a fun and entertaining read Thank you to James Swain, NetGalley, and Thomas Mercer for an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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    I really like this series Joe Lancaster is an ex Seal, ex cop and now volunteers with Team Adam His goal in life is to rescue people and get them back to where they belong In this book, women are being kidnapped throughout Florida When there is a murder at one of the kidnapping scenes, Joe finds CCTV footage and recognized one of the perpetrators It s his brother who recently had gotten out of prison Bringing Joe s brother into the story allows us to find out about his past and what drives him to rescue people When the FBI and Beth Daniels get involved, they work on figuring out why these women and who is doing so Beth s niece Nicki who Joe helped in the first book does computer sleuthing for him and she s a nice addition to the book Good ending that sets the stage nicely for book 3

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    I have read all of James Swain s books I really like the writing All the main characters are good people with flaws This is the second book about Jon Lancaster who is a former Seal, Detective, and now works for Team Adam which is an organization that helps with kidnapped and exploited people This one has him in his home state of Florida, he is trying to help find missing girl He is helped by a lot of people from different walks of life He works with is Beth Daniels an FBI agent that he helped in the first book and dated briefly I highly recommend this book and in fact I recommend any book by this author Thank you Net galley , I enjoyed this story

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    I really enjoyed the first book in this series, The King Tides, so I was very much looking forward to this follow up Unfortunately the first book was a lot better I am still glad I read this book and do not regret reading it but it was a letdown after the first book I still really enjoy Jon Lancaster but Beth Daniels, who I had concerns about in the last book, is far present in this book and that s not a good thing I really do not understand where the author is going with her He named the series Lancaster Daniels but every chance he gets he makes her absolutely unlikeable and proves it by having everyone who meets her dislike her It just defies explanation to have such an unlikeable main character and have the good character be the only one to like her At one point Beth makes Jon go into a dangerous situation unarmed and then without waning him just leaves him without backup Obviously not ok and Jon is made but it s never discussed between them which is annoying The author gives her way too many passes for being awful I think maybe the author thought he was making a good cop bad cop thing but it does not work The book is so much better when it s just Jon acting alone In this story they are working together to save victims of a human trafficking scheme Like the last book this plot is certainly unbelievable, although maybe less out there than the last book, but it s also less graphic as to the nature of the crimes which I appreciated Unlike the last book there is no gripping narrative There are victims but we don t know them In the last book there was a great real victim to want protected and helped That urgency was missing in this book There is too much talking and not enough action which is the real downfall of this book, aside from Daniels There is also a lot of time wasted describing unnecessary things Why does Jon keep going to the hotel business center to print things out Why not just email or text it It s redundant to hear about it and maybe the author is that much behind the times He also has Uber call instead of an update on the phone so it s certainly possible that the author needs a lesson on modern devices I will still be interested to read the next book in the series but I really hope it s a better one than this book I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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    An FBI special agent that is a by the rules type has trouble following her own belief system why Jon Lancaster, ex SEAL and ex cop now working for Team Adam tests her at every turn But with Lancaster what matters is the victims are safe and that the bad guys get theirs Those two theories don t always work together When this book is over the relationship, or whatever you want to call it, between these two may have reached a point of no return.When human traffickers have abducted fourteen victims and murdered at least two the way these two handle it don t jive What Lancaster do to achieve the ultimate goal of saving these victims, and how will it affect the relationship between he and Agent Daniel s I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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    NoGoodDeed is a follow up to King Tides and returns with familiar characters, Jon Lancaster and Beth Daniels The narrative delves a bit deeper into Jon s past, revealing the drive behind his long standing career in law enforcement and Team Adam The plot is tense at times and plays out much as an action movie of the same genre would While there isn t anything particular that isolates this novel from many others of its kind, James Swain s prose is insightful and amusing The added element of wit and satire he has added to his main character truly entertains 4 stars.Thank you to NetGalley for this ARC

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    An exciting follow up to the first Lancaster and Daniels thriller, No Good Deed sees Jon and Beth fighting the bad guys again, though the FBI powers that be have some issues with Jon s style Jon is the unlikely looking ex Navy SEAL ex cop who works as a private detective and volunteers for Team Adam While the first book provided Beth s motivation for her career, this one sheds light on Jon s, and it s clear that they are a good pair This is highly recommended as a great book for a exciting summer read.

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    One stays inside the lines and probably even highlights them while the other thinks of them merely as suggestions or maybe obstacles When the FBI is called in to investigate the disappearance of several women, Beth Daniels gets the call Already there is her former lover, ex SEAL, ex cop Jon Lancaster The dynamics of their relationship and their philosophies regarding crime and punishment fuel the storyline in this the second installment of a very enjoyable series.

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    Ex Navy SEAL and cop Jon Lancaster reunites with FBI Agent Beth Daniels in this fast paced thriller.The personal and professional clash when Jon s ex con brother is involved in a kidnapping case which rapidly descends into modern slavery in the Florida sunshine.Compelling and page turning Brilliantly written and with characters to care about.Lee Child has some competition from James Swain.Recommended.

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    No Good Deed The shocking and exhilarating new crime thriller will have you turning the pages late into the night I highly recommend grabbing a blanket, get comfy and enjoy

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