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The Sword and the Shield: The Mitrokhin Archive and the Secret History of the KGBIn 1992 The British Secret Intelligence Service Exfiltrated From Russia A Defector Whose Presence In The West Has Remained Secret Until The Publication Of His Book Vasili Mitrokhin Worked For Almost Thirty Years In The Foreign Intelligence Archives Of The KGB, Which In 1972 He Was Made Responsible For Moving To A New HQ Just Outside Moscow He Was Congratulated By The Head Of Foreign Intelligence, Vladimir Kryuchkov Later The Ringleader Of The 1992 Moscow Coup , For His Success In Transferring The Archives And His Devoted Service To The State Security Authorities Unknown To Kryuchkov, However, Mitrokhin A Secret Dissident Spent Over A Decade Noting And Copying Highly Classified Files Which, At Enormous Personal Risk, He Smuggled Daily Out Of The Archives And Kept Beneath His Dacha Floor Few KGB Officers Have Ever Spent So Much Time Reading, Let Alone Noting, Foreign Intelligence Files, Writes Christopher Andrew Outside The Archives, Only The Most Senior Officers Shared His Unrestricted Access, And None Had Time To Read Than A Fraction Of The Material Noted By Him Mitrokhin S Archive, Which Extends From The Lenin Era To The 1980s, Has Been Described By The FBI As The Most Complete And Extensive Intelligence Ever Received From Any Source This Unprecedented Treasure Trove Of KGB Material, Supplemented By Research In A Mass Of Other Published And Unpublished Sources, Has Enabled Chris Andrew, The Leading Western Writer On Modern Intelligence, To Cast New Light On The History Of Both The Soviet Union And Of The East West Conflict Which Spanned Three Quarters Of This Century This First Volume Of THE MITROKHIN ARCHIVE Gives An Extraordinary Insight Into The KGB S Penetration Of The West, Its Secret Links With Western Communist Parties, Its Covert Role In Maintaining The Soviet Empire In Eastern Europe, And Its Brutal War Against Dissidents Inside And Outside Of The Soviet Union, All Of Which Were On A Scale And Of A Variety Which We Have Never Previously Realized.

Christopher Maurice Andrew is an historian at the University of Cambridge with a special interest in international relations and in particular the history of intelligence services.

[Download] ➸ The Sword and the Shield: The Mitrokhin Archive and the Secret History of the KGB ➽ Christopher M. Andrew – Pandorajewelry70off.us
  • Hardcover
  • 736 pages
  • The Sword and the Shield: The Mitrokhin Archive and the Secret History of the KGB
  • Christopher M. Andrew
  • English
  • 09 May 2019
  • 9780465003105

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    First of all, I m filled with respect for the dedication it took for Vasili Mitrokhin to painstakingly copy thousands upon thousands of documents, as a KGB archivist, and secretly store them under his home The trove most assuredly has been of incalculable value to historians and western intelligence agencies Because I ve always been a fan of the espionage genre both historical and fictional I expected to binge read this book, growing drunk on previously unavailable levels of detail and accuracy in real life spy drama Well, I don t binge read anything, considering how methodically I read and how quickly I fall asleep when I finally make my way to bed, but getting through this book was an arduous slog More than its daunting 600 page length, it was the awkward pacing that continually tripped me up Because of the organization traversing the period of history detailed in Mitrokhin s archive not chronologically, but rather by adversary country or espionage method I was constantly bouncing from decade to decade, and had difficulty in applying a timeline to what I was reading.You ll find this criticism shallow, I suspect, but I was particularly off put by the rendering in brackets of the multiple code names assigned to every character described in the book Undoubtedly this was done to underscore the credibility of the information, and to position the book as a reference source, but it quickly started to aggravate me, and made the sentences clumsy to read and digest By th...

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    plenty of interesting information, but cluttered and unstructured, therefore quickly becoming tiring and boring instead of captivating which potential it did have

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    A very interesting read for those interested in Russian or Cold War history or espionage This book is very thorough, so be prepared for a long read The writing style is consistent, so my flagging interest at the midway point in the book was a result of my general lack of interest of the post Stalin Cold War period The notes secreted away from the archives and published in the West reveal some very important historical facts In a broad context, it is clear that the Soviet system was never able to become a sustainable reality, terror and deception allowed the system to propagate itself That is not to say that there weren t some great achievements in the USSR But inhumanity, impracticality, and the inefficiencies of the system are obvious to anyone who can objectively observe historical facts Only utopians and revisionists believe that it was not the Soviet system and ideology that were flawed, but rather the practical policies of the USSR and particularly the horrors of Stalinism Yet to dismiss the KGB in any of its incarnations as propagandists of a dying state would be too simpl...

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    Those poor, hapless KGB agents throwing bombs at Trotsky s grandson and missing , getting drunk and losing their microfilm nickels to Brooklyn newsboys, and falling in love so hard they gave up their contacts to the Canadian Mounties Didn t expect this to be funny, but it was hilarious.

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    This volume 1999 continues and substantially recapitulates Andrew s previous KGB 1991 Like the former, Andrew consulted with a former KGB agent, this time with one who had had long term access to the KGB archives Both books are histories beginning with the overthrow of the Czar in 1917, the former going up to Gorbachev, the latter to Yeltsin Both also discuss the allied intelligence agencies of the Warsaw Pact countries Reading one right after the other I found the repetition helpful in navigating and remembering much of the detail.There being much talk now of the Russians attempting to influence the recent presidential elections it is worth noting two things First, that the U.S.A has interfered with the internal politics of other countries as a matter of course Second, that the U.S.S.R was also in the habit of interfering with presidential elections in the U.S.A H...

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    Quite recently a colleague told me that he resented a newspaper columnist who had referred to a relative of his as a communist spy My colleague believed his relative had been an innocent victim of McCarthyist red baiting I knew that his relative was no innocent but a high level KGB operative It said so in the Mitrokhin Archive vol I, The Sword and the Shield.One of the tragedies of the Cold War is that many western communist spies, traitors to their own countries and dupes to one of the worst systems humanity has ever known, managed to rebrand themselves as victims of persecution The paradigm for this view is Miller s The Crucible , where for witches one should read spies Except that there were no witches but there sure were spies The Rosenbergs were spies and they did help Stalin put together his nuclear weapons Alger Hiss was a spy And so on and on And as we have known or suspected for a long time, many NGOs such as the World Council of Churches and many political parties and publications were also preferred haunts for KGB agents and contacts in its neverending propaganda war.Volume I of the Mitrokhin files is bulky and a longwinded The writing is what used to be described as workmanlike in that goes to lenghts to avoid rethoric and even elegance It...

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    Vasili Mitrokhin took a lot of work home with him and not just his took notes, sometimes verbatim, and then smuggled the notes out with him when he defected Ranging from bone chilling and frightening to ridiculous and laughable, this book may not have all the KGB s secrets, but it has a lot of them The KGB could be brutally efficient, but at times its efforts were wildly out of proportion with any sort of rational estimation of the level of threat something presented Paranoia and conspiracy theories will do that to you, and the KGB was nothing if not prone to both.The only caution I would give is not to dive into this without some background in the Cold War which I had from various other readings and some knowledge of the KGB s history which I did not have This is a down in the bushes and weeds book, not a holistic history If you re like me you d appreciate a bit of framework to hang all the events and...

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    Vasill Mitrohhin is a hero among historians he had the amazing courage to keep an astonishing amount of data about the relentless spying activities of the soviets from being hidden and deleted.The result is this very detailed b...

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    I don t think we fully appreciate yet the revelations that are in this book.

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    This was a really, really long book that took me an unusually long time to get through It took me 11 days, when I almost always finish even the longest books in under a week I think it took me 4 days to get through Brandon Sanderson s most recent book, Oathbringer The information in it was really interesting I learned an awful lot about the history of the Cold War I think the most interesting stuff was the history of Soviet meddling in US elections and generally the overall American social political system This is a long quote, but an interesting one Simultaneously, the Centre implemented a series of active measure designed to weaken the internal cohesion of the United States and undermine its international reputation by inciting race hatred In 1971 Andropov personally approved the fabrication of pamphlets full of racist insults purporting to come from the extremists Jewish Defense League, headed by Meir Kahane, calling for a campaign against the black mongrels who, it was claimed, were attacking Jews and looting Jewish shops Thirty pamphlets were mail...

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