[Epub] ↠ The First World War (Twentieth-Century Wars) Author Gerard J. DeGroot – Pandorajewelry70off.us

The First World War (Twentieth-Century Wars)The Origins Of The First World War, Both Diplomatic And Social, Are Discussed Thoroughly Examined The Reader Is Then Taken Through The Major Battles On The Eastern And Western Fronts, And Is Given Insight Into The Eventual Allied Victory The War At Sea, On The Home Front, And In Distant Theaters Is Carefully Examined The War As It Was Experienced By The Men In The Trenches Is Also Explored.

Senior Lecturer and Head of the Department of Modern History at the University of St Andrews.

[Epub] ↠ The First World War (Twentieth-Century Wars) Author Gerard J. DeGroot – Pandorajewelry70off.us
  • Paperback
  • 240 pages
  • The First World War (Twentieth-Century Wars)
  • Gerard J. DeGroot
  • English
  • 12 October 2018
  • 9780333745359

10 thoughts on “The First World War (Twentieth-Century Wars)

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    Gerard DeGroot s book, The First World War, is a well written, concise and intellectually challenging look at this global conflict This book is one of a series under the broad heading of Twentieth Century Wars It gives the reader a solid, focused, and concise appraisal in a broad brushed approach, to the key events, leaders, and areas of conflict that can serve as a base for further reading and exploration It is one of the best short works I ve read about the first World War A very useful part of the book is the appendix, where DeGroot gives a very good guide to those interested in further reading about various aspects involved with or surrounding World War I One of the aspects I like best about this book is the author s skill at organizing ideas and information in a meaningful manner that is focused and succinct DeGroot s writing style can serve as an e...

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    Fantastic, concise overview of WWI, the war that truly changed the face of Europe, and even the World Good insights into the causes and the popular drive to have a great glorious, short war Incisive in ripping apart operations, battles, st...

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    For the nations of Europe, the war had been fought either for protection or aggrandizement Yet all had lost Pg 206 WWI has fascinated me I have felt, from what little I do know, that it has affected much of the world today, however it seems as if most people focus on WWII and after.This short book was perfect for someone like me, who has little knowledge of the...

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    Well written, accessible introduction to WW1 studies, primarily an emphasis on the European British experience For those interested in the American experience this is not the book to read I wish he had documented his sources a bit clearly throughout nonetheless his research is solid.

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    A good clear overview for those diving into indepth study of the First World War, however is stronger from a military perspective than a social one.

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