Free ↠ トラブ ルダブルフェイス By Takashi Kanzaki –

トラブ ルダブルフェイスWhat Would You Do If You Were Attracted To One Of Your In Laws Koh S Dilemma Is His Fiery Attraction Towards His Bother In Law Naruki, And He Spends His Days Restraining The Dangerous Passion That Screams For Naruki S Embrace One Day Naruki Is Unexpectedly Transformed Into A Strong Willed Seme Until Now Koh Wanted To Be The Aggressor In This Budding Relationship, But Will Naruki S Transformation Give Him The Upper Hand

Once commented that That s right I just love to see two boys sticking together This is all that I ve got If you are wrong then continue to be wrong Lethal trick So in the future I will draw boys sticking together If you are interested, please continue to support me People who are not interested, please also support me, too

Free ↠ トラブ ルダブルフェイス By Takashi Kanzaki –
  • Paperback
  • 200 pages
  • トラブ ルダブルフェイス
  • Takashi Kanzaki
  • English
  • 02 July 2018
  • 9781569705858

10 thoughts on “トラブ ルダブルフェイス

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    A yaoi manga given to me by a friend Its been years since I read one and this one was released by June, English Edition by Digital Manga Publishing and found at I have no idea if any of these websites or businesses are still at large, I don t believe June is around any longer, I use to get mine at Waldenbooks Kou is in a High School away from his older stepbrother, Naruki who he loves Naruki comes to the school to enroll and in haste Kou askes his roommate Yoshino to hypnotize Naruki so he will fight off all the advances from others students Yoshino has a hidden agendahe wants Kou for himself, so when Naruki is excited sexually he becomes an aggressive seme This confuses Kou who has always thought of himself as a seme, not a ukenot that it matter much with Naruki, follow yet You got it, this story is all over the place But the drawings are wonderful Theres another shorter story about two students in the same school, one who sleeps with others to keep them away from a long standing friend who he is in love with Like I said, the drawings are great, the story lines confusing and gay clich s abound this is irritating But I do appreciate having something that s hard to come by now days and I will be keeping it as a reminder of what I use to go shopping for.

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    I don t think I can enjoy Yaoi It just feels like vital parts of the story are skipped It was somewhat pretty and sexy but just why does it not have an ending Give me some plot in my books

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    I don t want to offend the artist, but I think sometimes they looked like apes.And why does there always seem to be tons of gay guys around when a yaoi is involved Like everyone appears to be gay.

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