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Chimerica Fiction California Interest Down And Out Tamil American Trial Lawyer Maya Ramesh Fights To Save A Painted Lemur Come To Life, And In Settings That Range From Oakland, California, To A Malagasy Rain Forest, Becomes A Champion For Them Both In Magical Realist Tradition Anita Felicelli S Satiric Novel, CHIMERICA, Looks At The Inherent Absurdities That Drive Systems Of Culture, Power, And Law Fans Of Marquez, Kelly Link, And Helen Oyeyemi Will Find CHIMERICA A Spirited Investigation Of The Ways In Which Art Is Codified And Commodified A Contemporary Philosophical Novel About Art, Originality, And American Culture Felicelli S Remarkable CHIMERICA Is A Coolly Surrealist Legal Thriller In Turns Sly, Absurd, Emotionally Vivid, And Satirically Incisive That Shifts The Reader Into A World Just Adjacent To Our Own Jonathan Lethem Felicelli Blends The Matter Of Fact With The Mysterious In This Utterly Unique And Compellingly Readable Debut CHIMERICA Is Than The Story Of A Woman Coming Into Her Own Power It S A Keen Dive Into The Worlds Of Law, Visual Art, And Marriage You Really Couldn T Ask For A Novel With Better Ingredients Did I Mention There S A Talking Lemur THERE S A TALKING LEMUR Kelly Luce CHIMERICA Is The Novel About Trial Lawyers, Talking Lemurs, And Public Art You Never Knew You Needed Anita Felicelli S Charming Prose And Intriguing Characters Pull You In And Keep You Engaged I M Thankful For This Wonderfully Odd, Yet Beautifully Accessible Novel Rajesh Parameswaran

Anita Felicelli is the author of CHIMERICA A NOVEL forthcoming and the short story collection LOVE SONGS FOR A LOST CONTINENT, which won the 2016 Mary Roberts Rinehart Award Her essays and criticism have appeared in the New York Times Modern Love , Slate, Salon, SF Chronicle, Los Angeles Review of Books, and elsewhere Born in South India, she lives in Northern California with her family.

[ Download ] ✤ Chimerica  Author Anita Felicelli – Pandorajewelry70off.us
  • Paperback
  • 296 pages
  • Chimerica
  • Anita Felicelli
  • 03 June 2018
  • 9781732982017

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    Maya Ramesh is a lawyer who has sacrificed so much for success that keeps eluding her But what s working against her, personal flaws or structural inequalities The two are so deeply interrelated, and Chimerica offers no easy answers, but does what novels do best get us deeply involved into Maya s life Her inner conflict comes to a head when a lemur shows up at her doorstep and asks for her help Nevermind that the lemur talks he claims that he walked off a mural that had been at stake in a trial Maya had been working on before she d been fired from her job Maya cannot bring to help the lemur in the way that he had asked her to do, but demands his help in her quest to get her job back The rest of the novel, for me, was about the question what would it take for Maya to see how her mind had been programmed by patriarchal, colonial thinking would she be able to break through that programming, and how Both Maya and the lemur are such strong central characters, however, that they easily can hold other readings and interpretations.

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    Chimerica is a sweeping, Murakamiesque Romance unraveling the mysteries ofintellectual property law Merging the mundane and the magical, Felicelli s leaping lemur illustrates the illimitable, essentially illicit nature of Art Try to possess ideas, images, etc and they will easily elude your grasp to circulate in the unincorporated realm of inter subjectivity What is the work of Art and how does one codify it, commodify it, or restrict its use And to whom does it belong artist, owner or public Or are these nonsensical propositions A spirited play of nonsense will animate this half real, half imagined country of Chimerica.Reminiscent of such diverse works as A Frolic of His Own and The Master Margarita, Chimerica reveals the inherent absurdity of that most logical construct Law in its broadest sense As dueling egos try to disengage from their imposed identities, each character must confront the chaos of a world in which nothing can be truly possessed and even the laws of physics are subject to gaps and fissures From the striving anti hero a woman of color as rarely cast to the self indulgent, mural born lemur to the legal system which will try him as a matter of course He is a fiction, mere dabs of paint Still not above the law, good sir , these phantasmal figures find themselves far flung from Oakland to a Malagasy rain forest via the whims of pure possibility.

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    A brilliant, thought provoking page turnerIn Chimerica, Maya, the novel s narrator and protagonist, is an ambitious lawyer who s alone at the novel s beginning, her husband having left her and taken their children She finds herself in trouble at work too, then winds up attempting to help a giant lemur who has escaped from a mural I fell head over heels for this novel, which is both an extraordinary work of literature and a gripping page turner It s emotionally entirely realistic, both in the complex depiction of Maya and the talking lemur who is also a disputed work of art and one of my favorite characters ever The writing is gorgeous Here s a moment from when Maya and the lemur first meet Took you long enough to notice my existence, said the lemur His solemn amber eyes were unblinking His intonation was musical, but it faded at the end of the phrase He stretched his black furry arms wide and leaned back against the fence with his white furry belly exposed, like he wanted to sun himself His black hairy hands or were they paws were covered with mud and grass.At first I couldn t speak What I said next, I said to cover up my surprise, because, like most trial attorneys, I hated the sensation of being startled or made to reveal surprise It feels like losing control, and if you don t have control, you re open to all sorts of hostile maneuvers and attacks How can I help you It s serious and it s fun it s art and it s entertainment In the course of the book, Anita Felicelli captures the workings of the legal system, and takes on questions of identity, culture, assimilation, caste, class, race, ethnicity, and gender Chimerica captured my heart utterly, and I recommend it to everyone who loves one of a kind, vivid, beautifully written fiction.Note I received a free e galley from the publisher, with no stipulations about reviews I interviewed the author that interview is up at the online literary magazine Full Stop, and I hope people will read it to get of a sense of this book Then I bought the book at a reading because I wanted to own a physical copy I plan to reread this book just to spend time with the characters and with Anita Felicelli s wonderful prose.

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    Excellent book

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    It s been a long time since I ve read a book that could be called a novel of ideas Felicelli s Chimerica is that, but so much It s fanciful and serious, with a talking lemur who works with a down and out lawyer to test the boundaries of art and identity The book erases the line between reality and imagination, in both its craft and its subject matter It has elements of a legal thriller and elements of magic It s hard to describe, but it kept me riveted

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    Here s my review in The Woven Tale Press of this marvelous novel from WTAW Press

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    What a wonderful book I love how it blends legal stuff with a complex immigration storyand I love that lemur what a character Overall, I would definitely recommend this book to others.

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    Here s what I wrote in the newspaper

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    This book was different it s not normally what i read it was very interesting and it took me awhile to get through it and i am glad that i stuck it out

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