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How To Lie With ChartsIf You Re Using A Computer To Generate Charts For Meetings And Reports, You Don T Have To Be Taught How To Lie You Re Already Doing It You Probably Don T Know Your Charts Are Unreliable, And Neither Does Your Audience So You Re Getting Away With It Until A Manager Or A Sales Prospect Or An Investor Makes A Bad Decision Based On The Information That You Were So Helpful To Provide The Main Focus Of How To Lie With Charts Is On The Principles Of Persuasive And Undistorted Visual Communication It S About Careful Thinking And Clear Expression So Don T Blame The Computers People Are Running The Show.

Gerald Everett Jones holds a Bachelor of Arts with Honors from the College of Letters, Wesleyan University He is the author of nine novels, most recently the mystery thriller Preacher Finds a Corpse and the psychological literary novel Clifford s Spiral He wrote a series of three satiric Rollo Hemphill misadventures, the adult melodrama Christmas Karma, the crime story Choke Hold, the fa

Read ✓ How To Lie With Charts By Gerald Everett Jones –
  • Paperback
  • 279 pages
  • How To Lie With Charts
  • Gerald Everett Jones
  • English
  • 09 March 2019
  • 9781419651434

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    I honestly wouldn t know of any author out there that would have the audacity to embark on such a journey into the analysis of how one could lie with charts as Gerald has Although the problem might lie in getting this book into the hands of those who would knowingly use charts to lie, perhaps the most important audience for this type of book are those people that don t even know they are lying but do anyway.In a time where everyone wants to get rich quick without much effort these days, this book has caused me to perk up my ears and question certain things before assuming what someone is CHOOSING to illustrate to me or not using a chart In this analysis, Gerald has given just about every single example and illustration out there that I can think of to make an informed decision about the meaning of any chart one uses He gives quick useful information to help you understand everything from the type of chart to the power of colors, layouts, and even something as small as the format of a date or placement of a line It s a book that causes you to think of the power we all have with the data we are given or choos...

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    A must read for all BS artists and scientists

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    Despite its whimsical title, this book about visual literacy has been adopted for coursework in many otherwise respectable educational institutions, including the Georgetown Public Policy Institute.

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