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Be My BabyLorna Has Everything She S Ever Wanted And Then One Day, Her Beloved Husband Ed Dies Leaving Her Widowed And Pregnant At 29 Eighteen Months Later, Lorna Misses Ed As Much As Ever, But Knows She Must Get Out And Make A New Life For Herself And Her Kids When Her Mum And Dad Suddenly Find Themselves Desperate For Somewhere To Live, What Could Be Natural Than For Them To Come And Live With Lorna It Ll Be A Great Opportunity For Her To Go Back To Her Job As A Midwife, While They Get To Know Their Grandchildren But That S Before The Mishaps, The Arguments Over Childcare, Or The Rows That Break Out When Lorna Announces That She S Met A Hunky Doctor And Is Ready To Start Dating Again.

Did you know Zo was born near Liverpool, but is a real mixed bag Her mum is Manx and her dad is from Yorkshire She now lives in Cheltenham, where her novels are set She is also a French translator, and translates novels by Christian Jacq author of the Ramses series under the pen name of Sue Dyson She was named Secretary of the Year in 1987, although she wasn t actually working as a

➺ Be My Baby Free ➰ Author Zoë Barnes – Pandorajewelry70off.us
  • Hardcover
  • 352 pages
  • Be My Baby
  • Zoë Barnes
  • 03 September 2019
  • 9780749907471

10 thoughts on “Be My Baby

  1. says:

    I had read 2 books from Zoe Barnes a long time ago, I remembered I liked them but I just forgot to try it again in the recent years Then I bought this book 3 years ago oS and finally started it now, and still like her It s not really chick lit as it is a little serious, but it has a strong independent woman that will inevitabily end up with prince charming but it deals with lots of serious and real life problem...

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    ahhh, i love being in another country i didn t remember this book at all and it isn t even listed on found the recap on the AKL library system girl s husband dies young and she is left with two kids to raise herself her parents move in with her while she goes back to the work force quariky friend who was enjoyable to read mayham ensues girl goes out with hunky doctor at her job ...

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    This was a sweet book, sad in places but a nice, easy read I didn t really see the point in the pregnant teenage girl subplot, though it just annoyed me A lot of chick lit authors seem to only be able to incorporate teenage girls into their storylines if they involve sex see Judy Astley an...

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    I have read this book before, but as my daughter left hers here recently, I decided to read it again A bit of a weepy, with happy moments too, beautifully written, thoroughly enjoyable.

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    I actually read most of this book in the early phase of labour It was perfect for the situation light but well written with interesting characters And lots of babies

  6. says:

    Definitely a chick lit worth reading

  7. says:

    I quite enjoyed this book, a good mixture of light reading and some serious topics.

  8. says:

    I have a feeling I ve read this before but I can t quite remember what happens So onwards I plough

  9. says:

    Easy read even though I kinda wanted to shake some sense into Lorna simply because she was so damn oblivious to everything Otherwise though not bad

  10. says:

    Booring book

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