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Les Femmes SavantesTwo Young People, Henriette And Clitandre, Are In Love, But In Order To Marry, They Must Overcome An Obstacle The Attitude Of Henriette S Family Her Sensible Father And Uncle Are In Favour Of The Marriage But Unfortunately Her Father Is Under The Thumb Of His Wife, Philaminte, Henriette S Mother And Philaminte, Supported By Henriette S Aunt And Sister, Wishes Her To Marry Trissotin, A Scholar And Mediocre Poet With Lofty Aspirations, Who Has These Three Women Completely In His Thrall For These Three Ladies Are Learned Their Obsession In Life Is Learning And Culture Of The Most Pretentious Kind, And Trissotin Is Their Special Prot G And The Fixture Of Their Literary Salon Summary By WikipediaCast List Armande Beth ThomasHenriette Amanda FridayClitandre MaloneBelise Libby GohnAriste Kingof192Chrysale ToddHWMartine Frances BrownPhilaminte Claudia SaltoTrissotin Zachary Brewster GeiszLepine BalaVadius Elliot GageJulian RussellhughesA Notary Richard FridayNarrator SavannahEdited By Michele Eaton

Jean Baptiste Poquelin, also known by his stage name, Moli re, was a French playwright and actor who is considered one of the greatest masters of comedy in Western literature Among Moli re s best known dramas are Le Misanthrope, The Misanthrope , L Ecole des femmes The School for Wives , Tartuffe ou l Imposteur, Tartuffe or the Hypocrite , L Avare ou l cole du mensonge The Miser , Le Malade

➩ Les Femmes Savantes Ebook ➯ Author Molière – Pandorajewelry70off.us
  • Paperback
  • 82 pages
  • Les Femmes Savantes
  • Molière
  • English
  • 18 November 2018
  • 9780822206484

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    A Choice in Marriage2 June 2013 I must say that I find these French plays to be a little difficult to follow at times namely because of the way the scenes are set up It seems that each of the scenes have only specific characters in them and when one of the characters leaves or a new one arrives then suddenly the scene ends and a new one begins They are not like Shakespeare where the scenes are location specific, and the way that Shakespeare constructs his scenes and his plays I find much easier to follow However, when my internet is working better I seem to be having problems with it on my laptop though I suspect that it may be the operating system as opposed to the internet connection itself I will try to watch some of the Moliere plays on Youtube they are available on Youtube The other thing I was thinking of was getting a dongle, but that is not necessary at the moment and I pay for the internet anyway This play seems to be quite similar to Tartuffe, and apparently it was not as popular as the previous play In fact, from the introduction, I get the impression that the play actually flopped if it was possible for a play to flop, but I guess it is when it has a very limited shelf life, though some plays have limited shelf lives because the actors have other projects that they want to go onto, though some plays, like the ones that have run for 20 years in the West End probably cycle through actors The difference here is that ...

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    C est la seule, l unique pi ce que nous avons vue la Com die Fran aise Paris, en 1968, quelques mois apr s les manifestations qui ont envahi les rues, et le nouveau parlement a t lu On the banks of the Seine I had bought three volumes of the Hachette Moliere, luckily including the play running at the classic theater So having read about half the play before we went, I understood a line here and there Our lunch every day was Croque Messieur and white wine at a bar around the corner from our hotel near the Abattoirs, which we passed on our walk to the Louvre and Place de la Concorde We had a VW bug, with no charge for parking by the hotel back then When I returned to the University of Minnesota, I recovered from my Ph.D orals by reading five plays of Moliere, and translating a few pages of this and his touching last play, where he may have tried to convince himelf that he had an imaginary disease For Femmes Savantes, I typed out Chrysale s sexist criticism of learned women, a passage that is arguably applicable to US society now than it was in 1970 when I typed it up Chrysale It s to you I m speaking sister.The least solecism in speech irritates you,but you conduct yourself eccentrically.Your interminable books do not soothe me,and your putting my crav...

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    1,5 toiles Maintenant que j ai vu cette pi ce sur sc ne, je pense pouvoir dire que je n aime pas cette pi ce de Moli re Les com diens taient tous tr s bons dans leur r le, surtout Patrick Br ll en Chrysale qui m a fait sourire plusieurs reprises Mon seul reproche concerne la sc ne de la grammaire grand m re les com diennes pronon aient toujours grammaire , except dans la r plique pr c dant celle de Martine, ce qui a fait tomber le jeu de mots comme un cheveu dans la soupe pour le coup, on se demandait avec Martine ce que venait faire la grand m re et le grand p re l dedans Bref, une erreur stupide et regrettable qui g che en partie cette bonne interpr tation en g n ral Pour la pi ce de Moli re en elle m me, comme les autres que j ai lues de lui, elle me fait r fl chir, mais pas rire Certaines tirades m ont m me ennuy e par leur longueur La c...

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    Il n est pas bien honn te, et pour beaucoup de causes,Qu une femme tudie et sache tant de choses.

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    J ai bien aim cette lecture de Moli re Les personnages sont tr s amusants et l histoire assez comique En revanche, j ai trouv quelques sc nes ont peut trop longue pour le peu d utilit qu elles apportaient l histoire De plus, l histoire est assez pr visible Malgr tout, j ai appr ci ma ...

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    Another reread before the exam This play has all of the things I m supposed to be looking for in regards to the exam, but than that it is the best of the three It is funny, it s dramatic duh and I can very well see it play out on stage.

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    I definitely like this play after having read it twice in less than a year

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    Je puis fermer les yeux sur vos flammes secr tes Tant que vous vous tiendrez aux muets interpr tes On se sent ces vers jusques au fond de l me, Couler je ne sais quoi qui fait que l on se p me Tout destin avec vous me peut tre agr able Tout destin, me serait, sans vous, insupportable.

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    Curiozitatea se na te din gelozie.

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    J ai lu cette pi ce pour l cole afin de la comparer La Le on d Ionesco Je n ai pas encore lue la deuxi me, mais si elle se pr sente comme celle ci, je doute y prendre plaisir La pi ce toute enti re est misogyne et dresse un portrait des femmes peu avantageux En effet, elles sont apparemment stupides, qu elles se croient instruites ou non Elles ne peuvent prendre leurs propres d cisions car, quand elles le font tout de m me, la d cision est erron e ou bien elles changent d avis la sc...

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